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Xiao Chai Hu Wan is made of ...

chai hu, zhi ban xia, huang qin, dang shen, sheng jiang, da zao, gan cao. This does not have bai shao. Normally that would be paired w/chai hu


Si Ni Wan

spreads LV qi. Moves qi and treats cold fingers and toes. This is the basic formula to move qi


Xiao Yao Wan

LV qi stagnaton, spleen qi xu and blood xu.


Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan actions

Softens LV, nourishes blood, Strengthens SP, clears heat from LV both xs and xu.


What formula is jia wei xiao yao wan similar to?

Xiao Yao San for cyclical s/s w/heat, lv qi stagnation + heat.


What composition is jia we xiao yao wan based on?

xiao yao wan + mu dan pi, zhi zi for blood heat


What is Long Dan Xie Gan Wan used for?

Excess heat in LV and GB channels


What are the symptoms for Long Dan Xie Gan Wan?

Hypochondriac pain, red sore eyes, hearing loss, selling in the ears, swollen pruritic external genitalia, foul leukorrhea, shingles. T: red, yellow coat, P: wiry, rapid strong pulse.


Da Chai Hu Wan is used to treat?

yang ming organ level constipation, alternating fever/chills, bitter taste.


What is the difference between Xiao Chai Hu Wan and Da Chai Hu Wan?

Xiao Chai Hu wan only treats shao yang. Da Chai Hu Wan treats both shao yang and yang ming.


What is Yi Guan Jian Wan used for?

GI problems d/t LV and ST yin xu w/ qi stagnation


What are the sx that you would use Yi Guan Jian Wan for?

epigastric, hypochondriac, abdominal pain, abdominal distention, nausea, jaundice T: greasy yellow, P: slippery, rapid