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If you are being bullied at work, who should you notify?

Employer/ manager


How can conflict positively Impact the work place?

Opens minds to differing opinions /point of view


What should be enforced in all all workplaces to ensure employees are not bullied or discriminated against at work?

An anti bullying policy


List 5 types of bullying that can occur in the workplace?

Verbal abuse
Over/under working
Offensive gestures / behaviour


Do Australians have a good work life balance ?why / why not ?

No Australians work life balance is poor. They work 6 hrs of over time per week


List three says to help avoid/ resolve violent acts that may occur in the workplace

Be aware what triggers people
Offer days off over high stress periods
Train staff to respond to violent acts responsibly


What are some negative effects of bulling in the workplace that can effect an employee ?

Change in sleeping / eating habits
Lack of motivation


What causes conflict in the workplace?

Differing opinions
High stress levels


List five ways to avoid conflict in the workplace?

Be opened minded to other opinions
Train staff hoe to respond
Understand what irritates staff
Try and avoid high stress situations
Offer cooling off time when necessary


Approximately how many hours a week of unpaid overtime are Australians doing?

Average is 6 hrs of unpaid overtime per week


Who is most likely to be targeted by bullies in the workplace?

People from differing cultural values and beliefs
You/new employees
People with disabilities


If an employee in your workplace is stressed due to work related issues, what actions can be taken to resolve the issue?

Offer an open door policy so employees can discuss their issues
Provide counselling if necessary
Offer sick days if needed


As an employer / manager, what action should be taken if their is violent act in the workplace?

The issue needs to be resolved then consequences can be enforced if necessary


What are the stages in the process of recruitment?

Creating a job description
Advertising the job
Evaluating applicants
Interviewing candidates
Selecting candidates
Induction and orientation


What does Bureaucratic mean?

Lead 'by the book' ensuring their staff follows set procedures exactly. This style is appropriate when dealing in areas of risk for example a chemical plant


When a leader dictates policies and procedures,decides what goals are to be achieved and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the subordinates- what is this style?



Involves a team guided by a leader where all individuals are involved in the decision making process to determine what needs to be done and how it should be done. The groups leader has the authority to make the final decision of the group- what is this style?



What does Charismatic mean?

They are very high powered and energy driven, injecting great enthusiasm into work teams, there is belief though that this kind of manager believes more in them self than their team


What does Laissez-faire mean?

These mangers allow staff to get on with this own work. There are varying degrees des of this style from failing to leading at all. They empower their team to work independently while at the same time monitor their progress.


Does an employee have the right to negotiate employment terms/salary?

Yes, they do have the right


What is the purpose of a performance appraisal?

To give employees am understanding of how they are performing


Define ethical behaviour in the workplace

Ethical behaviour is characterised by honestly,fairness and equity in interpersonal and prore