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• Marketing Planning

Pre-Marketing Consultation; ALU Training; Grand Opening Campaigns; ongoing marketing planning and support


• Grand Opening and Event Planning Friends and Family

Grand Opening Celebration; Anniversary, Fundraising, Local Events


• Major / Seasonal Marketing Promotions and Campaigns

Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday; Coupon Rewards Programs
Black Friday


• Minor Marketing Promotions and Campaigns

Valentine's Day, President's Day, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Clearance Campaigns: Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October);


• Custom Email Ordering System

Email Service Provider (MailChimp: Third Party); integrates with our POS system; we create email graphics and upload to each store's account; account administration


• Custom Online Postcard Ordering System

Direct Mail Service Provider (Third Party); create layout and graphics: upload to each store's account; account administration


• New Store Marketing Program Materials

Grand Opening Box - Signage, holders, name tags, ballot/email boxes, gift card POP display, mousepad, etc.


• Web Site Hosting and Maintenance

Website Design & Production Service Provider (Third Party)


• Social Media Planning and Research

Facebook Sweepstakes; Posting Material subscription

Moment Feed


• Fashion Parties

Home party style event at the store; provide all marketing tools & resources


• E-Commerce Shopify Program

Development, Layout Design, Account Management, Platform Registration, Ongoing Support


• Departmental Email Updates

Ongoing Marketing Updates, Communications and Support


• In-House Poster Printing

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing


• Shelf Talker Printing

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing; 1Up, 2Ups and 4Ups


• M.O.B.S. Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook group that shares the latest postings of system information, news, training, updates, franchisee input and responses, etc.


• Custom Design/Production/Output

Concept Development, Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management; Subsidized Discount


• Exterior Store Signage

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management; Barricade Signage; Consultation


• In-Store Signage

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management: In-House Printing for Posters


• Store Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management


• VIP Club Card Loyalty Programs

FiveStars - Point driven with Kiosk


• Postcards

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management


• Rack Cards

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management


• Print Ads

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management


• Premiums/Giveaways

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management - Apricot Lane Perfume Line; Tote Bags; Pens; Giveaways, etc.


• Billboards

Graphic Layout, Design and Printing Management


• Continuing Education/Training

Ongoing Updates and Communications via M.O.B.S. and Webinars


• Celebrity Campaigns

Concept Development, Graphic Layout, Design and Project Management


• WIX ALB Online Marketing Forms

24/7 accessible website that has all the current ALB marketing campaigns, programs, elements, etc. that can be ordered


• BoutiqueWindow

Boutique Window is a very powerful and time saving tool that allows you to post to
social media, and create and send emails all from one place without having to login to
multiple sites.
Boutique Window contains a:
• Content Library
• Product Library
• Email Builder
• Graphic Designer

Social Online Marketing Platform for creating, scheduling and posting for store's social platforms and email campaigns


• Email Account and Technical Support

Each store receives an assigned store email account and support for any issues or troubleshooting


Marketing Trend Resources

MarketingProfs Today
eMarketer Retail
Ad Age Daily
Fast Company

Shopify digest, Newsletters
Online Google Searches
Facebook Searches
Advertising Age
Our Department Subscribes via email to fashion Retailers:
• Francesca's
• The Buckle
• Intermix
• Brighton
• American Eagle


What is a Marketing Campaign?

A specific and defined group of steps, elements or services that can be used in marketing channels and mediums


Store Promotions

Major Seasonal Campaigns:
• Spring, Summer, Fall/Back to School, Winter/Holiday

Secondary Holiday Campaigns:
• Black Friday
• 4th of July
• Columbus Day
• Memorial Day
• Labor Day
• Winter Clearance
• Earth Day
• Easter, Graduation
• Valentine's Day
• Mother's Day
• President's Day

Special Campaigns:
• Breast Cancer Awareness
• Fashion Affair
• Grand Opening
• Store Anniversary
• Fashion Cash
• Premium Offers


Lancaster Stores Participation:

Grand Opening
Store Anniversary
Seasonal Promotions
Memorial Day
Black Friday
Fashion Funds
Now Hiring
Window Banners
Girls Night Out


The Goal of the Marketing Department

The goal of the Marketing Department is to provide stores with the resources and support they need to effectively advertise. We produce three to four major seasonal campaigns each year. Additionally, we do secondary and ongoing promotions to increase sales and traffic to your store. These creative services are retained through the Advertising Fund, and the only cost to your store will be out-of-pocket expenses such as printing materials, media buys for placing a magazine ad, radio spots or a cable commercial or example. For an additional fee, we can also do custom requests for your store.


The Value of the Customer

Value of a Customer = the total dollar amount they will spend with you
(Average transaction $ ) x (Average number of transactions per month )
x (Average customer length months)
Apricot Lane Example:
LV = $61 x .33 x 36 = $724.68


Marketing Planning Calendar

Provide a online subscription as well as a manual listing calendar of all the promotions and campaigns that we create each year; their available to order and deadline dates; suggested run dates


Fashion Party

What is a Fashion Party?
A Fashion Party is an event hosted by a single or multiple hostesses on a pre-determined night(s) (and/or Sunday afternoon) who invite and bring their friends to your store (typically from 6:30 or 7:00 to 8:00 or 8:30) for a fun filled evening of 20% off the entire store, raffles, food and drink. Similar to a home party like Tupperware® – but instead of coming to your home, they come to your store. Promoting and conducting a Fashion Party creates an opportunity to increase your sales as
often as you want with minimal time or money! The Fashion Party removes all the
obstacles to promoting your store (other than some time and organization). It has proven
successful generating statistics such as:
• average sales: $40 - $100
• capture rates: 70 - 100 percent
• new customers: 60 - 80 percent
• sales (90 minutes): $300 - $3,000
Types of Fashion Parties
There are 3 predominant types of Fashion Parties that you can host:
• Regular (as described above)
• Birthday
• Fundraising (of “For A Cause”)
Fashion Party Birthday Celebration
You can do a Fashion Party that is hosted by a friend of the birthday person. Friends of the
birthday person have the option of starting a “Birthday Fund” as a gift. The birthday person can also receive a special gift from the store if they book a certain amount of guests too.

Fashion For A Cause Party
You can also do Fashion Parties that benefit Charities or Non-profits. You many already
have a local cause that you work with that will make this so easy to get started. If not,
contact your local high school, or college; they are always looking for ways to raise money. Contact your local hospital; they may have a specialty that they raise money for. There are many other contacts in your community that you can reach out to. Maybe some one on your staff has a special cause dear to their heart that will make the event more special. Then follow the guidelines for the Fashion Party. Marketing will be happy to modify existing artwork to send out emails, flyers and social media graphics


Social Media

“Social Media” consists of a wide variety of web-hosted applications that permit the
exchange of information and facilitate discussion of ideas through company and user generated submissions.
Popular forms of Social Media currently include:
• Blogs
• Micro blogging and Micro blogging sites such as Twitter, Ponderous and others
• Multimedia and social networking Web sites such as Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn,
Pinterest, Google+, Tumbler, Vine, Flickr. Any new site needs prior approval from
• Forums such as Yahoo! Groups
• Bookmarking sites
• Wikis and Wikipedia
• Virtual Worlds
In addition, the permission based email systems used to promote the business, such as Vertical Response or MailChimp, for our purposes, are considered a form of social

Now more than ever, it is so important that you create a strong presence on social
media. Facebook and Instagram are the two most predominant channels used by the
Apricot Lane system. You can, however, also branch out to use Twitter, Pinterest and
Snapchat too.

We recommend that you start with Facebook and Instagram and develop the habit of
posting on a regular basis to these two channels. Once you have these two channels down, you will then want to branch out to the others, adding them one by one. Make
sure you are using social channels that are popular in your area.

Social Media is a great way to showcase your store, events, product and to connect with
your customers. Social Media is one of the best opportunity for affordable advertising
and communication. You can run multiple types of advertising from promoting your
entire page to advertising a specific post.
Be sure to also check out what other Apricot Lane and local boutique social media
profiles are doing. There are many different approaches that you can work with and
fashion to be your own, and the best ones are the ones you can see the connection
between the store and the customer. Experimenting is KEY!


Grassroots and Traffic Builders

Some essential social media practices that you want to employ:
• Daily posting (3-5 times a day). Posts should be pictures of product, fun fashion related
graphics with and engaging post, or even surveys to get the customer to
interact with you.
• Be sure to answer any customer posts in a timely manner (bad or good!). This shows
that you are paying attention to them and are genuinely interested in what they have
to say.
• Use hashtags. Hashtags are a primary search feature for most social channels so be sure they are getting added to all posts. You have 3 main tags you should be using:
#apricotlane #shopalb #apricotlane(your store name).
Some other practices you can employ to increase your social presence are:
• Increase your Likes/Followers on social media. You can do an in-store promotion
to get your customers to “like” or “follow” you on social media. See the Marketing
Resources website for available elements.
• Encourage your customers to call in to order items you posted on Facebook. They can
come in to pick them up or you can ship it to the customer.
If social media isn’t your thing, you may want to assign this job to someone else. This is a
task that will take up some time with planning and scheduling, so please be sure to take
that into consideration as well. This person will need to have scheduled time set aside (off of the sales floor and undistracted) to do this job. You need to make sure you are clear on what you want them to do and follow up with them on regular basis. Social Media training
is also available to you (or the person you have delegated to).


Email Marketing

Email is still king when it comes to affordable marketing. It is the least expensive way
getting your message out to your customers. Customers that WANT to hear from you!
Email is a terrific tool because you have a list of people that have willingly given you their
information with the expectation of receiving something from you on a regular basis.
In a report from Direct Marketing Association (Sept 2016), “email marketing on average
sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in USA.” Customer
email lists see a 10x higher conversion rate than social media. Not only that, but some
customers (over 30%) will make a purchase, because of an email, based on the Subject
Line of an email only.

There are five qualities about emails that make them so successful. Emails are
• Personal: It goes directly to a specific person
• Purposeful: They gave you the email. They are interested in hearing from you.
• Targeted: You can focus on the specific likes of specific people
• Yours: Social isn’t yours, but that email list is. It wasn’t influenced by other businesses
• One-on-One: This relates to being personal. It is private and you can be contacted
directly by this customer with the confidence that only you and they will see the

Types of Emails to Send
• Birthday: These emails are that extra special touch that let your customer know that
they are special to you. They should be sent regularly at the beginning of the month.
• Thank You: These are also emails that show your customer you care and appreciate
their business. They should be sent on a monthly basis minimum, however we
recommend every two (2) weeks.
• Promotional: All seasonal promotions should be emailed out on a schedule of
- Day of the sale
- Middle of the sale
- Last day of the sale
You can do a special teaser email before, but make sure you don’t give away the
goodies in that one.
• New Arrivals: These are emails that feature product coming into the store that your
customers might want to jump on before it sells out. They are not “sale” emails and
are purely informational only.
• Flash Sale: This email is to drive traffic into the store. You can use these on a
particularly slow day. Typically, Flash Sales are for a limited time,


Ad Fund Accounting

2013 - $283K - $18K
2014 - $310K - $10K - $19.5K ($16.5K)
2015 - $309K
2016 - $345K

2014 and 15 - Hired Moda Media $19.5k reduced down to $16.5K

Marketing Services: Creating, producing, maintaining, administering, directing, approving marketing and promotional activities, services and materials.