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What is a first class lever?

The fulcrum is between the effort and the load.


What is a second class lever?

The fulcrum is at one extreme end of the lever, effort is at the other extreme end and the load is somewhere in the middle.


What is a third class lever?

The fulcrum is at one extreme end and the load is at the other end. The effort is somewhere in the middle. No mechanical advantage cause the effort is greater than the load.


screw jack formulas

-Double the length of the handle and times by pie to get effort distance


Torque questions

-make sure you convert everything to the same measurements, radius & diameter are usually in inches & torque needs to be in ft lb


Coefficient of expansion

-Find the coefficient
-determine the variables. There could be two.
-there could be clearances needed



-If you do the cylinder combined with a rectangle volume question use the formula that separates the 2 pieces.


Cordal distance

-Cd=bcd x sin(180/bh)


Compound reduction

-Read the friggin question, see what they are asking for and see what answer is before figuring out the question


Gas Laws

-Always find the variables for P1,V1, etc.
-V1 is volume before compression, P1 is pressure before compression
-always put into absolutes (temperature and/or pressure) before putting them into the equation
-look to see what see what value the answer is in


Combined gas laws

-Look to see if numbers are differences in or if they are the actual numbers you want
-if you don't have P1 assume it's an absolute at 14.7