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The classical view

Was it shaped peoples views, enabling the manipulation and control of society through propaganda


Reinforcement perspective

Media can reinforce individuals and societal opinions. it can only reinforce existing views by providing a continuous stream of sympathetic info


Agenda setting perspective

Mccoubs and shaw
This takes a middle approach between classical and reinforcement. Media cannot dictate what we think rather what we think about.



Dragons den through its reality format are essentially etiquette guides


Tacit transfer if knowledge and skill results in...

Increased feasibility and in turn affects EI
Swail et al


Media may render entrepreneurship as more or less desirable, due to its...

Impact on acceptability and legitimacy beliefs about entrepreneurs and their day to day actions
Radu and redien-collott


Swail and down

The audience plays active role in interpreting messages dependent on context of life.
Thus a middle class business management grad who has aspirations to start a business with seed funded by wealthy entrepreneur parents is likely to views such programmes differently to a working class non uni mechanic who after completing an apprenticeship decided to work for himself


Boyle and Kelly

More established business owners view entre-tainment media as entertaining and humorous and nascent entrepreneurs see it as more of a positive educational influence in terms of the skills and business tips that they may pick up


Fayolle et al

American culture value entrepreneurship more than French or Scandinavian culture. Positive cultural representation of entrepreneurship are likely to both reflect and reproduce such perceptions


Programmes advocate and promote a highly aspirational form of entrepreneurship that focuses on high growth and profit

As opposed to more modest income. As a result if taken too seriously there is risk of a skewed or partial set of skills may be developed amongst it viewers


Levie et al

Non entrepreneurs and media

21% felt motivated to start business
58% thought more Positively about entrepreneurs
17% started business
18% had no influence


Levie et al
Entrepreneurs in media

9% said media major influence in starting business
64% said highlights that tv business reality programmes help influence people to make more informed decisions
2% media influenced to start new business


Radu and Redien-Collott

2091-2005 French press coverage doubled of entrepreneurs
They were highly praised


Radu and Redien-Collott
Entrepreneur representation in French press

Typical entrepreneur male (only 5% female), between 30-40 abd highly attached to own region


Entrepreneur is Model to be emulated but only carefully.

Radu and Redien-Collett


European Commission report

A US study found that more than 40% of criminals on TV whose profession was stated featured as business owners.


European Commission report graph

Graph highlights that media offering high amounts of info (news, docs, advice programmes) have a low audience, where as ones with very low info (document soaps, series and films) have a high audience


Apprentice Facebook

Social media
Teletubies colour coordinated to there outfits


Media affects on EI

Can facilitate trigger, social Norms, feasibility and desirability



Positive effect on social norms
Increase both the desirability and feasibility of entrepreneurship
Crates climate of opinion
We bring our own values
Apprentice has changed from always choosing best candidate for job, to choosing most entertaining - can give off negative vibes about entrepreneurs


Negatives of media

May render entrepreneurship’s as more or less desirable, due to its impact on acceptability and legitimacy beliefs (radu and redien Collott)
Risk of skewed and partial set of skills needs
Entre-taient judges the entrant to which people ‘fit’ the entrepreneurial ideal
Does not present actual realities of running business
Absense of certain groups - disabled


Achtenhagen and welter
US business press representation of women entrepreneurs

Woman relayed areas
Started small and don’t want to pursue growth
Done accidentally and saw as a way to get over adverse personal conditions
Finances scrapped together through personal contacts
Lower value companies
Aren’t very serious
Can overcome by adhering to male stereotypes or distance themselves from predominant norms


Achtenhagen and welter
German press

Woman underrepresented
Been an increase in articles since change of gov to encourage growth
However portrayal of woman gives them little encouragement
Style of reporting in newspapers has impact on personal activity