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Med Reconciliation

Process of creating and maintains the most accurate list possible of all medications and patient is taking and using that list to guide therapy
Includes drug name, dosage, frequency and route

Goals: prevent redundancies, interactions, knowledge deficits


Med Rec Process

Involve RN, MD and pharmazcists
5 steps
Develop current list
Develop list of Rx Meds
Compare 2 lists
Make clinical decision based
Communicate with client and care givers

Should take place at every transition point


Med Reconciliation Discrepancies

-OTC med
-lack of education
-multiple providers
-individual patient factors
-health literacy


Med Rec Populations @ Risk

Pediatric clients > 4 meds
Geriatric clients with multiple health concerns
Clients receiving meds form more than one provider


Other strategies of Med Rec

Teach back method to endure client/family understands the meds
Use same pharmacy for ALL prescriptions
Be cautious with self-treatment (OTC, herbs, supplements, advice from friends/internet)