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digitalis/digoxin in therapeutic doses cause what on EKG?

causes scooped ST depression in therapeutic doses


Sxs of digoxin toxicity?

- GI: N/V, anorexia, diarrhea
- visual: blurred vision, yellow/green discoloration, haloes
- CVS: palpitations, syncope, dyspnea
- CNS: confusion, dizziness, fatigue


What kind of arryhthmias does digitalis toxicity cause?

- increased automaticity (increased intracellular ca), and decreased AV conduction (increased vagal effects at the AV node)
- Classic dysrythmia assoc with digoxin toxicity is combo of SVT (due to increased automaticity) with slow ventricular response (due to decreased AV conduction) - atrial tachy with block


What will you see on EKG of digoxin overload, toxicity?

- atrial and junctional premature beats
- PAT with block
- sinus blocks
- AV blocks

- atrial and junctional tachyarrhythmias
- PVCs
- VT
- VF


What changes will you see on EKG of hyperkalemia?

- classic change: peaked T waves
- P wave can flatten and widen
- QRS complex can widen (ventricles are taking over)


Hypokalemia on EKG?

- classic: U waves
- T waves can flatten out and possible invert
- causes irritation of ventricular foci which can lead to torsades, VT and VF


EKG findings of hypercalcemia?

- short QT interval
- j waves


EKG findings of hypocalcemia?

- prolonged QT waves


EKG findings of hypomagnesemia?

- prolonged QT
- torsades
- frequent PVCs, PACs
- ventricular and supraventricular tachyarrhythmias


Hypothermia on EKG?

- osborn wave ( J wave) positive deflection at J pt (neg in AVR and VI)
- usually most prominent in precordial leads
- hypothermia: less than 30 celsius
- likely to see bradycardia


Other casuses of J waves on EKG?

- normal
- hypercalcemia
- meds
- neuro insults: intracranial HTN, severe head injury, and subarachnoid hemorrhage
- idiopathic VF


PE findings on EKG?

- most common: sinus tach (responding to hypoxemia)
- S1Q3T3
- transient RBBB
- T wave inversions in V1-V4