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Describe the melody at the beginning of the prelude

It is lyrical and begins with a falling sequence which represents a raindrop and a sigh


What does Chopin use to decorate the melody?

Chopin uses ornaments such as an acciaccatura and turn in bar 4


What changes about the melody in the B section?

It moves to the bass and the dominant pedal is now in the right hand. The melody is made up of longer notes and is more dramatic than the A section


How many bars long are the phrases in the prelude?

They are mainly 4 or 8 bars long (there are two 2 bar phrases in bars 16 and 18)


What does the melody do from the middle of bar 1 to the middle of bar 3?

Ascends diatonically


What is the dominant pedal of Ab/G# called?

The pivot note