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LU - points

1st - 1st intercostal space & 2 cun lateral to nipple 2nd - Radial groove of the wrist fold 3rd - Radial side of the thumb, corner of the nail 


LU - stretch

Palms upward & 45 degrees away from body


LI - points

1st - Base of the nail, index finger, back of hand 2nd - Lateral surface of arm in deltoid V 3rd - Depression at the outside of corner nostril


LI - stretch

Palm downward & hyperflex the hand to stretch it


ST - points

1st - Below center of eye 2nd - directly above the nipple 3rd - 3 cun below patella on lateral side & goes into the lateral side of base of 2nd toe


ST - stretch

Stretch heel medially toward coccyx


SP - points

1st - Medial base of big toe 2nd - 2 cun above superior border of the patella of the medial leg 3rd - Middle axillary 6 cun below axilla (arm pit)


SP - stretch

Foot just above ankle and rotated laterally


HT - points

1st - Middle of arm pit 2nd - Inside of elbow 3rd - Inside of little finger


HT - stretch

Palm is upward/anterior & stretch arm above and overhead


SI - points

1st - Outside of little finger & runs up to back side of arm 2nd - posterior axilla 3rd - TMJ point in jaw


SI - stretch

Traction arm across the front of the body


BL - points

1st - inner corner of eye 2nd - below the occiput 3rd - sciatic 4th middle of back of knee 5th little toe outside corner


BL - stretch

Client prone - lift leg toward trunk


KI - points

1st - Base of the ball of the foot 2nd - Inner malleolus anterior to Achilles' tendon 3rd - Between 1st rib and clavicle 2 cun to middle


KI - stretch

Knee is flexed placed at knee level and rotated laterally


PC - points

1st - lateral to nipple 2nd - middle of elbow 3rd - tip of middle finger


PC - stretch

palm upward stretch arm straight out to side & hyperextend wrist


TH - points

1st - outside corner of ring finger up back of body 2nd - between ulnar and radius 3rd - behind earlobe and jaw at styloid process


TH - stretch

arm & palm downward and stretch arm at 45 degree angle across body


GB - points

1st - on forehead one cun above the middle of eyebrow 2nd - The occipital ridge between the trapizius and SCM 3rd - The Greater Trochanter running down the most lateral side of leg 4th - The outside corner of the 4th toe


GB - stretch

Flex the knee toward chest and stretch the leg across the trunk of the body


LR - points

1st - lateral corner of the big toe 2nd - 5 cun above medial malleolus 3rd - 4 cun above medial patella 4th - Directly below the breast (about 11th rib)


LR - stretch

Foot at calf level, knee is flexed and rolled laterally