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Define VO2 Max

The maximum optimum rate at which the heart, lungs and muscles can affectively use oxygen during exercise. Maximum aerobic capacity.


Describe Calorimetry

Measuring the heat given off an organism which indicates its metabolic rate which can be calculated.


What are respirometers used for?

To calculate metabolic rate by determining the differences in oxygen concentration and temperature between air entering and air leaving the respirometer is which is detected by probes.


Define metabolic rate

The quantity of energy produced by an organism per unit time


Name and describe to physiological adaptions for oxygen niches?

The production of more red blood cells which improve the transport of oxygen around the body.

slowing down heart rate, some animals can slow heart rate down to approximately 10 bpm to conserve oxygen.


What can metabolic rate be measured in?

Oxygen consumption per unit time,
Carbon dioxide production per unit time,
Energy production (as heat) per unit time.