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How is metaphysics different from theology?

Metaphysics studies objects that don’t depend on matter. Things sometimes exist in matter and sometimes don’t (being, act, potency, etc.). there are also things that never exist in matter (God and angels). Metaphysics only knows these things as principles. Theology does not study God only as a principle, but also in His nature because it uses revelation.


Using just our reason what are the different ways we can come to God?

Negation- talking about God by denying something about God (ex. Denying limits of God). Causality- talking about God as a cause, every effect is like its cause in some respect. Eminence- we see good things like justice, equality, goodness etc. on earth, since God is perfect he must have these things, but he has them in a higher way.


Explain the difference between demonstration through a cause (propter quid) and demonstration through an effect (quia).

Propter quid is when you know what something is so you can reason to an effect through its initial cause or essence. Quia is when you see an effect and through that effect you reason to its cause or essence.


How is Descartes different from Aquinas?

Descartes does not use other philosophers, aquinas is more structured, Proofs for God: Aquinas starts with what he sees around him whereas Descartes starts with an idea and does not use his sense. Descartes starts with doubt