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Aircraft performance how is affected by weight:

More weight = longer take-off
More weight = lower climb rate
More weight = slower cruise
More weight = longer landing
More weight = More stress and strain on aircraft!


Large aircraft must be reweighed every _____ years

5 years -CARS 625 Appendix C


when Small aircraft are re-weighed ?

only if it affects weight and Centre of Gravity position


Who is responsible for the accuracy of the aircraft’s weight and balance?

CARS 724.32
“the air operator will establish and be responsible for the accuracy of the aeroplane basic empty weight and centre of gravity…”


what is Basic empty weight

Weight of aircraft with optional or special equipment
Fixed ballast
Unusable fuel
Full operating fluids


what is Max. Take off Weight

Maximum approved weight for the start of the takeoff roll.


what is Max. Landing Weight

Maximum allowable weight at which an aircraft can be landed.


what is Useful load

Difference between Max. take off weight and basic empty weight


what is Equipment List

A list of equipment that does not form part of the aircraft type design


When is a weight and balance amendment required?

As per CARS 571 Appendix C “ following a modification or a major repair that involves a change to the empty weight or centre of gravity of an aircraft…”


what is Fulcrum or datum

-Vertical plane from which all horizontal measurement are taken with the aircraft in a level flight attitude.
-Sits perpendicular to the longitudinal axis
-Location varies with aircraft
-Forward of datum is regarded as a negative number


Datum information can be located in the

-AMM (Aircraft maintenance Manual)
-POH (Pilot’s operating handbook)
-Type Certificate Data Sheet


what is Centre of Gravity

-Point along an aircraft’s longitudinal axis which the weight is considered to be concentrated
-Nose-heavy and tail-heavy moments are exactly equal in magnitude


Centre of Gravity – Out of Limits what happens when CG is too far forward ?

-Nose heavy
-Longer takeoff distance
-Higher stalling speeds
-Extreme nose heavy the elevator or Stabilator will be insufficient to lift the nose.


Centre of Gravity – Out of Limits what happens when CG is too far Aft ?

-Tail heavy
-Unstable in pitch
-Elevator or Stabilator becomes ineffective in a stall or spin recovery


what is moment

Product of weight multiplied by its arm


what is Arm

-Horizontal distance from the datum
-The number will be negative forward of the datum and negative aft of the datum


Centre of Gravity formula

CG = Total moment
Total Weight


what happens with an overloaded aircraft

-aircraft must accelerate to a higher speed to generate sufficient lift
-needs more run way to attain higher speed
-reduces climb performance
-its service ceilings are decrease
-aircraft become unstable and difficult to fly


what is MAC ?

Mean Aerodynamic Chord is the chord drawn trough the the center of the wing plan area