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What is quick response manufacturing (QRM)?

The organisation of production to manufacture to customer demand, rather than manufacturing items to stock.


Give an example of quick response manufacturing.

At Jaguar, every vehicle made has a customer before it's assembly is started.


Pros and cons to QRM at Jaguar

Avoids expensive storage costs while the car is waiting to be sold.

The customer may have to wait longer for the product, however QRM does reduce this time.


What is Electronic point of sale (EPOS)?

The use of barcode readers to send sales data to distributors and manufacturers in order to maintain correct stock levels.


Where else are barcodes used?

In the identification of a component or a finished product while it is being processed or stored.


What is Just in Time (JIT)?

The organisation of production so that customers get their orders just in time. This avoids carrying stock of materials and components, and storing finished goods.


Give an example where JIT is used in industry.

JIT is used at Jaguar so that raw materials don't clutter up the assembly lines. They have enough stock to make the cars planned for assembly in one shift. The manufacturers have to arrive exactly on time with good quality materials.


What is a 'kanbar'?

A card kept inside a container full if parts that hold the information of what the part is and the quantity.


How is a kanbar used?

As the parts are about to be used the kanbar is sent down a chute where they are collected. The store workers collect all of them, scan them and the parts are reordered automatically.


What is a Just in Time sequence?

Parts are not only delivered on time but in sequence to match the flow of a product through an assembly line. It eliminates the need for stock at the side of the line.


What is master production schedule (MPS)?

A scheduling system used to organise the work to be completed within a set time period.


Give an example of MPS in industry.

In the car industry, this is done using order-based scheduling as cars are made to individual order because the customers can customise their cars.


What is materials requirement planning (MRP)?

A software system for work cells to order materials and components from their suppliers, when they require them.


What is telematics?

A system for tracking a product from customer order through to manufacture and dispatch.


Give an example of the use of telematics in industry.

In the car industry, customers orders are converted into electronic data programmed into a 'black box'. This is placed on the car as it goes through each part of assembly. The progress of the order can then be tracked.


What is flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)?

Organising production equipment to allow manufacture of a variety of different products, as opposed to dedicated systems that can only make a single type. Such production allows for changes in demand.


Name 3 pieces of equipment that can be made flexible.

Press formers
CNC punches
CNC laser cutters
CNC lathes and milling machines
Robot arms