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Placenta Previa


Implantation of the placenta in the lower uterus. Occurs in about 1 out of 300 births.


Placenta Previa is more common in:

  1. Advanced maternal age
  2. Multiparity
  3. Previous c-section, currettage, or previa
  4. Afrcian or Asian race
  5. Smoking or cocaine use (vasoconstrictor)
  6. Male baby


Marginial (low lying)

Lower border of placenta is close to internal cervical os (more than 3 cms)




Lower border is within 3cm of the internal cervical os but does NOT completely cover the os




Placenta completely covers internal cervical os


Placenta migration


Placenta moves away from internal cervical os and fetus and uterus grows

only about 10% of placenta previa remain a previa at term


Signs and Symptoms of Placenta Previa

  1. Sudden onset of PAINLESS vaginal bleeding that is caused by tearing of the placental villi from the thinning lower uterine segment and dilating cervix


Therapeutic Management of Placenta Previa


  1. Confirm previa VIA ultrasound
  2. NO manual vaginal exams
  3. Wait and see what happens
  4. Monitor bleeding
  5. Home Care (if emergency services are available): fetal kick counts, monitor for bleeding and/or contractions, NST, pelvic rest
  6. Hosptial Care: EFM, c-section, Rhogam

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