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Define monetary policy?

Government decisions which control the supply of money


What are examples of monetary policy?

-The interest rate
-Credit control
-The exchange rate


Which area of monetary policy is actually controlled by the British government?

-The interest rate is controlled by the government


What may changes in the interest rate affect?

-Exports and Imports


What would the effect of a fall in the interest rate be on households?

-A low interest rate causes consumers to spend more and save less
-A low interest rate reduces the opportunity cost of consumption
-Borrowing is cheaper and more accessible
-Mortgagee are cheaper
-demand for houses rises
-house prices rise
-increase the wealth effect
-Variable rate mortgagee
-payments go down
-discretionary income rises


What would the effect of a fall in the interest rate be on firms?

-Cost of borrowing falls for capital goods
-Investment is more likely
-Investment becomes less risky
-Rate of interest should be equal to or lower than the rate of return
-more consumption from households will lead to more investment from firms to meet demand


What would the effect of a fall in the interest rate be on exports?

-Low interest rates
-international savers withdraw their money
-exchange rate falls
-export price decreases
-demand rises


The extent of the effect of a fall in the interest rate on households, firms and exports?

-Households: -people may not even know what interest rate is
-Firms: -Other more significant factors
-More reluctant for larger firms because they have more people skilled in economics
-What if capital is produced from own funds?
-Exports:- Will only affect country's who have lots of people investing money from foreign countries like UK


What are advantages of changing interest rate for monetary policy?

-It's flexible:
-interest rates can be changed monthly
-It's visible:
-most involved in borrowing and saving know the rate
-It has a wide reach:
-affects many households and firms


How is the Interest rate transmitted from the bank of England to consumers?

-Bank of England sets base rate
-> All other financial institutions like commercial banks set a range of interest rates (they decide)
-> customers chose the best one


What is the link with base interest rate set by the Bank of England and the interest rates set by commercial banks?

-The interest rate given by banks is based on the base rate given by the bank of England but it is not the same
-If the base rate is high, most interest rates will be high
-If the base rate is low, most interest rates will be low


Define Supply side policy?

Any government action aimed at increasing the productive capacity of a country


How is supply side policy achieved?

-Increasing the quantity of factors of production
-Increasing the quality of factors of production


Examples of supply side policy?

-Investment subsidies
-reduce corporation tax
-subsidies for research and development to produce more efficient technologies
-ensuring appropriate quality of and wide access to education
-assistance and finance for business start-ups
-skills related training e.g. apprentice schemes.
-reducing power of trade unions
-cutting benefits to the unemployed


Evaluating supply side policy?

-Cost vs Quality, just because it is done, doesn't mean it is done well
-The time lag
-The state of the economy
-effects on AD