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Who is Stanislavski?

Russian Actor & Co-founder of Moscow Theatre Company, observed that gifted actors create natural believable characters by showing natural actions and reactions


What did Stanislavski do?

Developed a system of techniques for creating realistic acting


What did Stanislavski say?

"the actor must first of all believe in everything that takes place on stage, and most of all, he must believe in what he himself is doing"


What are the first 3 Elements of an Action?

The Magic If, Given Circumstances, and Imagination


What are the last 4 Elements of an Action?

Concentration of Attention, Truth & Belief, Communion, Emotional Memory


Describe "The Magic If"

When the actor asks "What would I do if I were in the same situation"


Describe "Given Circumstances"

The 5 W's of the script


Describe "Imagination"

The actor must have a rich imagination. He must observe people and their behaviour


Describe "Concentration of Attention"

The actor must focus all of his attention on the stage not on the problems of the outside world


Describe "Truth and Belief"

The actor must truly believe in the make belief vworld he is creating. An audience will not be deceived by and actor who is not truthful to his character


Describe "Communion"

The actor must put all of his effort into communicating with his stage partners and with the audience


Describe "Emotional Memory"

The actor needs to express stage experiences and NOT real ones. Therefore if an actor can use the "feelings" that he experienced in a similar situation to influence his actions on stage.


Define "Super Objective"

The "context" or "main theme" of the play - main motivation


Define "Objective"

The character's motivation at different points in his monologue or play - there can be several different objectives


Define "Obstacles"

Actions or dialogue that stop/prevent the character from achieving his objective


Define "Beat"

Natural pauses in the monologue/dialogue when a character changes emotion and objective


Define "Tactic"

What does the actor want to do (non-physical) present tense verb e.g to flirt with the boy next door


Define "Action"

The physical response to the "tactic" e.g. twirl my hair with my finger while talking to him


Define "Reaction"

The response of your scene partner. It can create an obstacle for your character