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Founder of MRI systemic?

Bateson- non clinical, Jackson - founder of MRI. Satir, Haley, Weakland


First order change

change that occurs at the behavioral level only regarding family patterns of interaction.


More of the same

Refers to the problem in families being a failure to appropriately respond to normal life circumstance, making the attempted solution to the problem the problem. Families falling into this pattern end up doing more of the same behavior meaning they do more of a failed solution as opposed to trying a different solution.


Out of session directive

paradoxical interventions were typically prescribed through out of session directives, that is instructing the clients to engage in behavioral change outside the session as opposed to the here and now of the session.


Paradoxical Intervention

Interventions used to address that families are naturally resistant to change. They either involve instructing the family not to change or to change in a way that contradicts their desired change. Now the family resistance to change will promote them to rebel against the directive not to change , thereby experiencing the initial desired change



A paradoxical intervention of pushing a family member further into absurdity of their initial position, thereby making them realize their absurdity.


Prescribing the symptom

a paradoxical intervention through intructing the clients to intentionally engage in the behavior they wish to change. They may either rebel against their therapist directive and experience desired change or comply with the therapist directive and become aware of their control over choosing to continually engage in the undesirable behavior.


Problem as attempted solution

The problem is not the problem but the attempted solution to fix the problem reinforces the interactional behavioral sequence


Report and command functions

Report is the content of the message. Command is a message about the relationship


Retraining the process of change

A paradoxical intervention where clients come in reporting that therapy has been effective and that they are experiencing change, the therapist encourages them to slow down and caution them about the risk of moving to fast.


Second order change

changes that occurs at the level of family beliefs or rules that govern patterns of interaction.


Where did MRI systemic grow out of?

Mental Health Research Institute in Palo ALto


Essential Theme?

Families get stuck in problematic, interactional cycles of repetitive behaviors. A response to a problem may be to do more of the same.


Who is involved?

Only one or two family members will attend therapy. May use a team approach, therapist consult on case, hypothesis and may interchangeably work with the family


How long is treatment?

Treatment is brief - 10 sessions whether or not symptom relief is achieved.