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What is the Interstate Income Act of 1959?

Restricts a state's authority to tax interstate commerce


What are the principles of the Interstate Income Act of 1959?

A state can't collect income tax on sales within its borders as long as the orders are filled and shipped outside of the state Applies to tangible property only Does not protect a Corporation in the state where incorporated Does not protect from taxes using metrics other than income (Ex: Sales Tax)


What is the Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act (UDITPA)?

Uniform criteria for determining taxable income of multi-state corporations Also known as the Multi-State Tax Compact


What are the basic principles of UDITPA?

Designed to ensure a company is not taxed more than once on its income Forces a corporation to segregate Business Income from Non-Business Income


What is considered Business Income?

Part of the corporation's regular course of business Includes acquisition of tangible and intangible property if such activities are part of the regular trade or business