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what are signs of osteoarthritis?

- mild to moderate pain which improves with rest
- stiffness lasting under 30 minutes
- gradual in onset and progressive


what joints are involved in osteoarthritis?

Weight bearing joints mainly the hips and knees


what are signs of rheumatoid arthritis?

- worse after resting
- systemic features of fatigue and weight loss


what is the joint involvement in rheumatoid arthritis?

symmetrical polyarthritis


what blood tests can be done in rheumatoid arthritis?

- FBC can show anaemia
- raised ESR
- IgM Rf in the blood


What is a definition of polymyalgia rheumatic (pmr)?

An inflammatory syndrome that manifests as pain and morning stiffness involving the neck, shoulder girdle in individuals over 50


what are clinical features of PMR?

- symmetrical limb girdle pain
- stiffness worse in the morning
- malaise, fever, weight loss
- bilateral stiffness of the shoulder, neck and spine
- difficulty rising from sitting position


What are clinical features of giant cell arteritis?

Headache often in the temporal regions
Malaise, weight loss, fever, night sweat
- jaw claudication
- temporal tenderness


how is PMR diagnosed?

The bird criteria:
Three or more of: bilateral shoulder pain weakness, duration of onset under 2 weeks, initial ESR>40 morning stiffness lasting over 1 hour, aged over 65, depression, weight loss


what histological changes are there in GCA?

- infiltration of CD4 T cell
Macrophages and giant cells in the vessel wall
granulomatous inflammation of the intima and media
breaking of the internal elastic lamina


what is management of PMR?

prednisolone 10mg
calcium/vit D/ bisphosphonates to protect from steroids


what is the management of GCA?

60mg prednisolone