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What are the two most widely used product ranges in the UK clay market?

Naylor Densleeve & Hepworth Supersleeve


Which manufacturer supplies Hepworth Supersleeve in the UK?



Clay pipework is manufactured in accordance to which BS EN standard?

BS EN 295


What is the jetting pressure rating for clay pipes?

7500 PSI (510 bar)


True or false: Densleeve is the most popular clay drainage product.

False, Supersleeve is the most popular clay drainage product


True or false: Densleeve has the same OD as Supersleeve?

False, they have different OD and cannot be interchanged without the use of adaptors


Where is clay drainage likely to be used?

Commercial developments, schools, hospitals, prisons, estate roads to housing, contaminated grounds/landfill


Who is likely to use clay drainage products?

Civil engineers, groundworkers, drainage contractors, construction companies, earth moving contractors, local authorities, water companies


House builders will always use clay drainage products. True or false?

False, clay drainage is only occasionally used in house building


Name the 4 different sizes (DN) of Densleeve clay drainage.

DN100, DN150, DN225 & DN300


What couplings allow clay drainage to be used in contaminated ground?

Nitrile couplings make clay drainage safe in contaminated ground


What is the lifetime expectancy for clay drainage?

In excess of 100 years


Is clay drainage suitable for adoption?

Yes, clay pipework can be adopted


What connection method is used for clay drainage: Push Fit or Electrofusion?

Push Fit connections


What is the main benefit for push fit connections?

Quick installation, and allows for immediate testing and backfilling


Clay drainage has flexible joints. Why is this a benefit?

Accomdates for minor settlement and ground movement


Can clay drainage be recycled?

Yes, pipework can be recycled and re-used in manufacture


If clay drainage is being used as part of a roads and sewers package, what 3 main JDP products can you also quote for?

Flag & Kerb, Concrete Rings/Axedo, Manhole Covers


Why does clay drainage have a long life expectancy?

Strength does not degrade over time, withstand high imposed loads, higher jetting pressure


Why is it important to find out whether the customer requires Densleeve or Supersleeve?

Densleeve and Supersleeve have different OD, and aren't interchangeable without adaptors


Clay drainage can be used in commercial developments, such as office blocks or trading estates. True or false?

True, clay drainage is suitable for all types of commercial developments


Clay drainage can also be used in specialist chemical resistant applications. What is the name of this clay pipe?

Naylor Hathernware


McLocking McLock is the name of Naylor's jacking clay pipe product range. True or false?

False, the name of Naylor's jacking clay pipe is Denlock


True or false: Wavin supply chemically resistant clay drainage pipe.

False, Naylor Hathernware can be used in chemical resistant applications


Local authorities won't adopt clay drainage pipe. True or false?

False, most local authorities prefer clay drainage especially in adoptable applications


Densleeve clay has a jetting pressure rating of over 9000 PSI. True or false?

False, the pressure rating of Densleeve is 7500 (510 bar)


Densleeve clay can withstand most loading situations with as dug backfill. True or false?

True, clay drainage pipe is rigid and does not distort under load


What 3 main clay drainage fittings can JDP also provide other than clay pipe?

Bends, junctions, connectors and inspection chambers


True or false: Densleeve is more brittle than Supersleeve, that's why Supersleeve is more popular.

False, Densleeve is less brittle than Supersleeve, and is easier to cut and handle with much less breakages.


What are the four add on products that make up a clay system?

Flexible couplers/ adaptorsPlastic adaptors to house drainagePPIC chambers (DYKA range with DC inlet or Axedo adaptors)Aggregates


For more extreme operational conditions, Hathernware clay is available in which 2 options?

FCR (Fully Chemically Resistant)HT (High Temperature)


True or false: clay is a new product for JDP and is difficult to sell to customers.

False, clay is a mature product and widespread product and used in many applications.


Clay is a preferred method of drainage in certain applications. True or False?

True, particularly adoptable applications.


Can JDP still supply everything groundworker customer needs without stocking clay?