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When assessing the Thyromental distance, what are you measuring? What is the normal measurement in centimeters and in fingers?

Distance between the mandible and the anterior neckline.
6.5 cm or 3 fingers


How long are you supposed to hyperoxygenate a patient before attempting an intubation?

2 min with 100% O2


How often are you supposed to measure cuff pressure?

Every 4-6 hours.


After you intubate, what's the FIRST way to assess correct tube positioning?



What size needle do you use for a needle cricothyrotomy?
What size syringe?
What size ET tube do you use?

14 gauge
3 ml syringe
Size 7 ET tube


There are four landmarks assessed in the Mallampati score. What are they?
If you can see all four, what is the Mallampati score?

Soft Palate, Uvula, Fauces, and Pillars.
Class 1 if you can see all four.