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Adaptive Radiation
Coined by:

Hitch and Osburn


Adaptive radiation

State that Progressive of similar organism into dissimilar organism.


2 Pre-requisition for Adaptive Radiation

1. There should be adaptive potential of the organism, which is based on biological characteristics or potential of the organism

2. Also depend upon adaptive opportunity of the available environmental zone or niche.


Darwin on Adaptive Radiation

It is different spokes radiating from center of hub of a wheel.


osburn on adaptive radiation

It is great variety of adaption to different environment/ niches.


Diagram and example of adaptive radiation

Divergent disruption of NS graph.

Galapagos finches


Mosiac Evolution

The rate of evolution in different part/trait of organism evolve at different rate.

Bipedal motion and brain evolving. Brain evolved at much faster rate.


Characteristics of Mosaic evolution

Bring changes in different part of the organs, stage by stage.

Sets a flexible framework within which different organism have to grow and develop in relation to other part of organs


What are the two ways to understand if 2 are sharing traits

1. Ancestor related: Parallelism

2. Share common environmental niche: Convergence



Parallel evolution is independent of similar evolutionary adaptation or among closely related species.

(imp) As a process in which 2 evolutionary line derive from common ancestor and evolve much in a similar way.



Evolution of similar adaptive trait in unrelated form or species

Process where evolutionary development of similar trait and adaptation in 2 group of organism that are not closely related- philogenetically


Homologous trait and it's type.

Homologous structure is same in human, whale and dog
It is of 2 type:
1. Chronology
2. Analogous.



Notion that similar feature in 2 organism look same due to shared evolutionary history.

Bones of human are same as flukes of the whale



There'll be similar feature due to similar patterns of use, even those they are not related ancestrally

Wing of bird and bat both use for flying but evolved independently although they don't have any common ancestor.

Hence wings are called Analogous and evolved through convergent evolution.