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What are the roles of the sulci and gyri in the cerebral cortex?

They are the fold and ridges in the brain. They allow more cerebral cortex to be accommodated in a fixed brain volume


Where in the brain are cell bodies of nerves contained?

In the cerebral cortex


What are the meninges?

Three protective layers of connective tissue which cover the brain and spinal cord.


What are the three layers of the meninges?

Dura mater - outermost (closest to scalp)
Arachnoid mater mater - middle
Pia mater - innermost (closest to brain)


What is meningitis?

Inflammation of the meninges


Meningitis is a result of a bacterial infection only. True or false?

False - bacterial infection more common but can be viral infection


What drug is given to treat meningitis?

Benzylpenicillin ASAP - then hospitalisation then cefoxatime.
If patient has penicillin allergy then give cefoxatime only


What is the glass test and what is it used for?

Used in meningitis.
Press and roll glass over rash. If rash disappears, then not meningitis, if it doesn't then it could be life threatening meningitis


What is the average amount of CSF in a healthy adult?



Where is CSF produced?

Produced by choroid plexuses in the lateral ventricles