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indications for excision of skin lesions (4)

ABCDE, ulceration, recent changes, nodularity


tx of basal cell vs. squamous cell carcinoma of skin

basal cell rarely metastatic --> just need to do local excision to clear margins;
squamous cell slightly more metastatic (to LN) --> need to do local excision + LN resection if palpable LN on exam


how to assess malignant potential of melanoma? what is mgmt

dangerous, malignant potential depends on depth; TREATMENT: local resection with margins = f(depth);
Lymphadenopathy = metastatic dz --> use IMMUNOTHERAPY (interferon)


tx of dysplastic nevus

excision if atypia on histo


what observable factors worsen prognosis of malignant melanoma?

ulceration, face/skin involvement


implications of lymphadenopathy for malignant melanoma

suggests metastatic dz --> use immunotherapy (interferon)


how to work up soft tissue sarcoma

MRI, bx


cause of painful testicle (3)

1. ACUTE: torsion
2. SUBACUTE: orchitis, 3. epididymitis


when to surgically treat hernia

if incarcerated/strangulated (URGENT); if not, essentially elective: tx if giving patient problems


what repair in kids with inguinal hernia

in kids, 2/2 patent procesus vaginalis --> likely bilateral --> bilateral high ligation of the sac