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Appropriate for children, adolescents, adults
Education about ADHD is an important starting point in management.
The more patients and their families know about the disorder and how it affects them, the better equipped they will be to devise and implement management strategies that target their desired goals


Behavior modification:

Appropriate for children and adolescents
Now recommended by CDC as preferred treatment for children under 6
Parent/caregiver and teacher training in effective behavior-management techniques aims to reduce the problem behaviors associated with ADHD.
This is typically considered an essential component of a multimodal management plan for children with ADHD


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT):

Appropriate for adults with ADHD
Skills-based approach can help patients change maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns that interfere with daily functioning


Coaching or tutoring

Appropriate for adults and some adolescents
Help patients learn practical life skills to manage the daily challenges of the disorder (e.g., being disorganized, forgetful, tardy)


Social skills training

Teach what to say when, in what context
Helpful for ASD especially but also ADHD, ODD
Group versus individual format


Speech-language therapy

Pragmatic language instruction for social situations


School-Based Supports:

504 plan
Individualized education plan (IEP)



Change the environment
Change expectations
Change the task



Explain the rationale
Introduce new concepts
Teach new skills
Teach a process