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What happens in the process of nuclear fission?

An atomic nuclei split. This process releases energy, which can be used to heat water and turn it into steam. The steam drives turbines, which is connected to a generator and generates electricity


What is nuclear fusion?

It is the joining together of atomic nuclei to a larger one and is the process by which energy is released in stars


What are the two fissionable substances in common use in nuclear reactors?



What must occur in order for fission to take place?

The uranium-235 or plutonium-239 nucleus must first absorb a neutron


What happens to a nucleus undergoing fission?

It splits into 2 similar nuclei and 2 or 3 neutrons and energy is released. The neurons may go on to start a chain reaction


When do stars form?

When enough dust and gas from space is pulled together by gravitational attraction. Smaller masses may also form and be attracted by a large mass to become planets


During the "main sequence" period of its life cycle, why is a star stable?

Because the forces within it are balanced


What do fusion processes in stars produce?

All of the naturally occurring elements. These element may be distributed throughout the universe by an explosion of a supernova at the end od its life