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A calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long/intensive academic preparation



The work that a person does regularly in order to earn money
Work done regularly for pay



Educated for 3 months in Germany in a church-run hospital
Founder of modern nursing
Led nurses to Crimean War to care for wounded soldiers
Known as “The Lady of the Lamp”
Statistician/developed rose diagram
Improved sanitation in hospitals
Published “Notes on Nursing”
Established Florence Nightingale School for Nurses in St. Thomas London



Author, teacher and social reformer
Best known reforming conditions of the mentally ill and prisoners
The Asylum Movement
Changed peoples perception of these vulnerable populations
During the civil war she was the superintendent of Nurses for the Union Army
After the war her effort to reform treatment of the mentally ill continued



Was a teacher – not a nurse
Cared for her brother which inspired her to care for others through teaching
Opened a free public school in 1852
Distributed food and medication supplies during the Civil War
Named head nurse without formal training
Worked for the International Red Cross in Europe
Founded the American Red Cross in 1881
Served as the first president for the American Red Cross
Founded the National First Aid Association of America in 1905



Graduated and worked at the New England Hospital for Women and Children
16-month program, only 4 of the 42 students successfully made it through
First African American to earn a nursing license
Leader for the Howard Orphan Asylum for Black Children
First African American trained nurse in US
Changed the face of nursing
Broke the barrier so minority nurses could be accepted into nursing school
Member of American Nurse Association (ANA)
1908, co-founded National Association of Color Graduate Nurses (NACGN)



Graduate of New York Hospital School of Nursing – 1891
Wealthy woman with social conscience
Worked in mental hospital for a year after graduating nursing
Decided to go to Med school at Woman’s Medical College
Sent on home visit which changed her life
Quit medical school
Founded Henry Street Settlement with Mary Brewster
First public health nurse
Devoted her life to public health and a vision of a better world



Attended nursing school at the University of Colorado
Worked as a nurse for US military
Served on several different bases during WWII
Shortages of pediatricians and family practices
Lack of rural and urban healthcare
Rise in healthcare costs
Started the first nurse practitioner program in the U. S. beside Dr. Henry Silver



Graduate of the first class of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School
of Nursing in 1891
While at Johns Hopkins Nutting:
Expanded the curriculum in the school of nursing from 2-3 years
Added a preclinical training period
Limited the number of hours nursing students could work
Established a professional and historical library at the school
After the Spanish American War, assisted in establishing the Army Nurse Corps



Graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children Training school for nurses
Credited as the first trained nurse in America
Reorganized the nursing program at the New England Hospital for Women and Children
She rallied against physician opposition in the training of nurses
Mentored by Florence Nightingale
Contributed to the creation of the first written patient reports
Created night shift nursing
Started Japan’s first nursing program
Started nursing programs across US: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts