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Where is Vitamin A stored?

Vitamin A is fat soluble so it's stored in the body


Where is Vitamin A found?

Fatty foods


What are the fat soluble vitamins?

Vitamin A, D and E


What are the water soluble vitamins?

Vitamins B and C


How can Vitamin A be lost in foods by storing?

Oxidation (when food is exposed to air) or exposure to light


How can you reduce the lost loss of Vitamin A in foods through storing?

Store in the fridge, cover foods or store in dark containers away from the light


How can Vitamin B be lost in foods because of cooking?

It can be gradually destroyed if heated to above boiling point for a long period of time.
Folic acid is water-soluble and destroyed by prolonged cooking


How can you reduce the lost of Vitamin B through cooking?

Use quick methods of cooking such as steaming, stir-frying, microwaving and pressure cooking to preserve vitamins


How is Vitamin C lost through storage and why?

Oxidation because exposure to air changes the chemical structure of Vitamin C, resulting in it not being able to be used by the body
Bruised fruit and vegetables due to enzyme action and oxidation
Ready-prepared produce has gone through processing which exposes the produce to air and light, reducing vitamin C content


How can you reduce the loss of Vitamin C through storage

Buy as fresh as possible
Store in a refrigerator, as low temperature slow down oxidation
Store away from light eg. potatoes in a cool dark cupboard
Avoid bruising or damaged prior to storage
Avoid buying ready-prepared produce as it is more likely to have suffered nutrient loss
Frozen vegetables have a higher Vitamin C content because they are frozen quickly to preserve the vitamin


How is Vitamin C loss through cooking?

Prolonged cooking leads to Vitamin C being lost through leaching or exposure to heat
Can be lost by reheating foods or keeping food warm


How can you reduce the loss of Vitamin C though cooking?

Cook in boiling water for minimum time
Use little water as possible to prevent loss through leaching
Microwaving or Stir-frying to reduce the loss
Serve immediately


How can Vitamin C be lost from preparation?

Leaching into any liquid it is in
An enzyme in vegetables called oxidase is activated by chopping and cutting
Peeling exposes the surface to air speeding up oxidation


Function of Vitamin A

Growth in children, good eyesight, reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers


Function of Carbohydrates

Provides the body with energy and aids activities


Function of Sodium

Maintaining blood volume and blood pressure


Source of Vitamin A

Liver, carrots and margarine


Source of Carbohydrates

Bread and pasta


Source of Sodium

Salted meat and poultry and salted nuts


How can you reduce saturated fats?

Grill meat and allow fat to drip away
Remove all visible saturated fat


What is the function of water?

Water helps the body to absorb water-soluble nutrients
Water lubricates the joints and the eyes
Water is require for all body fluids eg, digestives juices, mucus, saliva, blood, sweat and urine