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Sodium Zeolite Softening

Uses a granular material called zeolite to remove and retain scale-forming calcium and magnesium cations from water and replace them with non-scale forming sodium cations.


For how long can Sodium Zeolite Softener be run?

Until it has given up all of its sodium cations


Describe for the process for Regeneration of Sodium Zeolite Softener

1. Remove the Zeolite Softener from service
2. Fill it with a solution of Brine (sodium chloride)

3. The zeolite then absorbs the sodium cations from the brine and discards the calcium and magnesium cations to the brine

4. The brine is flushed to sewer

5. The recharged softener is rinsed with water and returned to service


What are some examples of Zeolite material?

1. Natural Green Sand
2. Synthetic Gel
3. Sulphonated Coal
4. Styrene Resin


What is the chemical formula used to refer to Zeolite?