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Definitions for ORS 675.010 to 675.150 (675.010). 


Psychologist associate licensing procedure 675.065. 

Pass exams.

Masters degree in psychology.

Completed internship or 1 year SPE under psychologist.

36 months of full-time post-intern experience under psychologist.


Licensing of psychologists after exam

Holds doctoral degree from approved program.

2 years of supervised employment under a licensed psychologist.

Good moral character.

May practice psychology as a psychologist resident or psychologist associate resident.





Psychologist Associate licensing procedure.

Masters from approved program.

1 year of internship at an instituion, or SPE under licensed psychologist.

36 months of post-internship full-time experience.


Psychology Board civil penalties for sanctions (675.070)

Fine not to exceed $5,000, unless...

May fine up to $10,000, if:

-if had or might have had serious detrimental effect.

-repeated offense.

-against minor, elder, disabled.

-no psychologist license.


Exceptions to applying rules 675.010 to 675.150 for psychologists. 675.090

Psychology teacher, researcher or consults to organizations or institutions BUT DOES NOT treat individual behavioral, emotional or mental disorders.

Expert testimony for above roles.

Grad student in doing academic work.

None of these can call themselves psychologists.


Division 10- Procedural Rules



Education Requirements – Psychologist 858-010-0010

APA or CPA approved or regionally accreditated doctoral program.

If not, then:

  1. many course requirements, including: 3 academic years of full-time with 1 yr in continuous residence;
  2. 30 graded semester hours
  3. organized faculty and prgm of study
  4. must have practicum and internship
  5. require dissertation or equivalent
  6. provide syllabus to Board if requested


Practicum 858-010-0012

At least 2 semesters and at least 300 hours of supervised psychological services.



Internship (pre-doctoral) 858-010-0013

  1. 1500 hours of pre-doctoral supervised experience, completed within 24 months.
  2. A psychologist licensed who is responsible for the coherent program with brochure
  3. At least 25% of service must be direct contact providing assessment and intervention
  4. For every 40 hours, 2 formal individual supervision hours
  5. 2 learning hours of group or case conference, etc
  6. 2 or more psychologists, one licensed
  7. 75% of supervision by 2+ licensed years
  8. ongoing ethics


 Psychologist associate educational requirements. 858-010-0015

  1. Masters degree with regional accreditation.
  2. 1 continous residence year.
  3. Many theory courses and stat and design courses, but not individual therapeutic intervention courses
  4. at least 30 semester hours, of which 20 graded
  5. 1 ethics and 1 testing course.


Post-doctoral supervised work experience. 858-010-0036 1 of 2

  1. One year.
  2. 1500 hours and at least 12 months of psychological services
  3. Psychological services: direct to individual or groups; testing, assessment; but not admin, marketing, etc.
  4. no more than 24 months at exempt site.
  5. Must be in a board approved resident contract with psychologist with 2 plus years experience.
  6. 1 hour of supervision for up to 20 hrs, 2 hours of supervision for beyond 20 to 40 hrs. of which 1 hour may be group of at least 3 people.


Post-Doctoral Supervised Work Experience:

Psychologist Residents Supervisor's responsibilities and requirements. 858-010-0036 2 of 2

  1. Review and countersign all work, except notes.
  2. Review all rules and ethical practices.
  3. Assist resident in planning for EPPP & Jurisp exams.
  4. Keep supervision hours for at least 3 years, and contemporaneously written supervison notes.
  5. Provide the board with interim Resident Evaluation Reports upon request, & final eval.report.
  6. Any associate supervisor must be board approved and added to contract.
  7. 2+ yrs Oregon license


Psychologist Associate Supervised work experience. 858-010-007

  1. One year full time internship or practicum.
  2. 3 years, post masters full time supervised work exp.
  3. During the SWE, to be called psychologist associate resident.
  4. Resident supervision contract not to exceed 4 years.


Continued supervision of Licensed Psychologist Associate. 858-010-0038

Before initial license is issued, a contract must be submitted as "Contract for Continued Supervision of A Licensed Psychologist Associate."

Day-to-day supervision is the responsibility of licensed psychologist.


Application for independent status of Psychologist Associate. 858-010-0039

Will be considered after 3 years of supervised licensed practice and demonstrating a high degree of competence.


Semi-active license. 858-010-0041

Patient contact <=20 hours a week.

62 or older.

Maintain continuing education requirements.


Inactive License Status. 858-0010-050

No patient contact and not holding oneself as licensed.

Can reapply for active status within 5 years of inactive.

Must maintain continuing education requirements within 24 months of applying for active license.

If longer than 5 years inactive, must take Jurisprudence exam.


Limited permits to practice. 858-010-0055

If licensed in another jurisdiction, then either:

Visitor's Permit:

if no intent to seek Oregon license, and applying for specific, temporary period.

must state time period, purpose and location and only up to 30 day period in 12 months

Temporary permit:

for an approved applicant, for up to 90 days.

must take Jurisprudence exam within 90 days of granting of temporary permit.

if fails jurisp exam, then temp permit cancelled.


Psychological Records. 858-010-0060

  1. Keep 7 years.
  2. Must have name and id of client.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment
  4. Fee and date and time of each session.
  5. Must have test results and consults.
  6. Any releases and signed informed consent.
  7. Must make arrangements for providers disability or death.
  8. Named psychologist, reported to Board.


Division 20- Complaints, Investigations and Contested Case Hearings (no question)


Complaints:  Forms, Investigation and Contested Hearings. 858-020-015 to -075

  1. Must be made in writing, and signed form, with documentation.
  2. Investigator will mail nature of complaint and violations.
  3. Respondent must send file without consent provided, be available for questions and interview.
  4. Investigator submits written report to board.
  5. Board sends ruling to respondent, who has 30 days to ask for contested hearing.
  6. Conducted by impartial administrative law judge.


Division 40

Continuing Education

858-040-015 to


  1. 40 hours every 2 years, up to 20 hours home study
  2. no reporting required for licensee within 12 months
  3. one time requirement of 7 hour pain management, one hour must be by OR Pain Management Commission, reported within 24 mths of first renew.
  4. 4 hours cultural competence each reporting period
  5. Renewal Notice & Reporting Affadavit must be submitted before license will be renewed.
  6. 4 ethics every two years.