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*자 1

자, 커피 나왔어요

Usage 1 = when you are handing something to someone

Here, (your) coffee is ready


*자 2

자, 그럼 어떻게 하죠?
자, 이제부터 한국어만 쓰는 거예요

Usage 2 = when you are suggesting doing something

Okay, then what shall we do?
Okay. From now on, we’ll only use Korean


*뚝 1

대화가 뚝 끊겼어요

Usage 1 = suddenly

The conversation came to an abrupt end


*뚝 2

비 한 방울이 얼굴에 뚝 떨어졌어요

Usage 2 = describes how something falls down rather quickly

A drop of rain fell on my face


*뚝 3

연필이 뚝 부러졌어요

Usage 3 = describes how something is broken with a snap

The pencil broke with a snap


*확 1

바람이 확 불었어요

반찬 통을 열었더니 냄새가 확 났어요

Usage 1 = describing how the wind or a smell comes over

There was a gust of wind

When I opened the side dish container there was suddenly a strong/overpowering smell


*확 2

창문이 확 열렸어요
성격이 확 바뀌었어요

Usage 2 = suddenly and in a big amount

The window opened widely and quickly
Their personality changed drastically


*확 3

확 트인 도로

확 트인 시야

Usage 3 = without anything blocking

An unblocked road, a road with a clear view

A clear views


*쭉 1

가게 앞에 사람이 줄을 쭉 서 있어요

이쪽으로 쭉 가세요

Usage 1 = in a line, in continuation

There was a long line of people standing in front of the store

Keep going this way


*쭉 2

갑자기 힘이 쭉 빠졌어요

그 말을 들으니 기운이 쭉 빠지네요

Usage 2 = describing how energy or content is drained

Suddenly, I feel no energy

Hearing that makes me so tired suddenly


*다 1

다 했어요

벌써 다 먹었어요?

Usage 1 = all

I’ve done all of it / I’ve finished it

Have you already eaten all of it?


*다 2

다 왔어요

다 됐어요. 조금만 기다려 봐요

Usage 2 = almost

We are almost there

It’s almost done. Please wait a little bit


*다 3

무슨 이런 경우가 다 있어요?

뭐 저런 사람이 다 있어?

Usage 3 = describes one’s surprise and/or frustration

What kind of case is this? / how does something like this happen?

What kind of person is he? / what kind of person does that?


팔을 머리 위로 쭉 뻗으세요.

Stretch your arms over your head