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What is enameloplasty?

when you modify the enamel of a tooth's surface to make it easier to clean and remain caries-free; this could occur if there is a deep fissure/pit, etc.

*NOTE: it does not extend the outline form of a prep, it is just carves away no more than 1/3 of the enamel at the surface


What are the principles of outline form and initial depth?

- all unsupported or weakened enamel should usually be removed
- all faults should be included
- all margins should be placed in a position to allow finishing of the margins of restoration


What are the features of establishing proper outline form and initial depth?

- preserving cuspal strength
- preserving marginal ridge strength
- minimizing faciolingual extensions
- connecting two close (<0.5 mm) defects or tooth preparations
- restricting the depth of the preparation into dentin


What are the principles in obtaining primary resistance form?

- using a box shape with a relatively horizontal floor which helps the tooth resist occlusal loading
- restricting the extension of the external walls to allow strong cusp and ridge areas
- slight rounding of internal line angles to reduce stress
- reducing and covering weak cusps
- providing enough thickness of restorative material to prevent fracture
- bonding the material to tooth structure when appropriate


What are the features of primary resistance form?

- relatively horizontal floor
- box-like shape
- inclusion of weakened tooth structure
- preservation of cusps and marginal ridges
- rounded internal line angles
- adequate thickness of restorative material
- reduction of cusps for capping, when indicated


What is a feature of primary retention form for an amalgam restoration?

external tooth walls that converge occlusally


What are the two types of secondary retention and resistance forms?

- mechanical preparation features
- treatments of the preparation walls with etching, priming, and adhesive materials


What are the 3 prerequisites for amalgam success?

- 90 degree junctions of amalgam with tooth structure
- mechanical retention form
- adequate thickness for the amalgam material