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What are the main uses of elevators?

To provide a point of application for forceps
To loosen teeth prior to forceps
Extract a tooth without forceps
Removal of multiple root stumps
Removal of retained roots
Removal of root apices


What are the three basic actions used with elevators?

Wheel and axle


What are the aims of suturing?

Approximate tissues
Compress blood vessels
Promote healing through primary intention
Reposition tissues
Cover sound bone
Achieve haemostasis
Prevent wound breakdown


What are the different types of sutures? Give examples of each.

Non-absorbable - monofilament (monocryl), multifilament (vicryl rapide)
Absorbable - monofilament (prolene), multifilament (mersilk)


What are the main principles of elevator use?

Mechanical adv
Avoid excessive force
Support instrument to avoid injury
Ensure applied force is directed away from important structures
Always use under direct vision
Never use adjacent tooth as fulcrum (unless it too is to be extracted)
Keep elevators sharp and in good shape