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Why is the Shaolin Temple important to the martial arts?

The Shaolin Temple was a monastery located in the Honan Province of China about 1,400 years ago. It is important as it is considered the birthplace of the Chinese martial arts since Bodidharma of India introduced a series of breathing exercises there. The temple eventually burned to the ground.


Is it necessary for a Black Belt to register his/her hands with the police?

The practice has never been a requirement in America.


What is Sport Point Karate?

Sport Point Karate enables all ages to participate in sparring with safety. The object of sparring is to score points by playing a game of tag to legal areas on the body. Points are scored with good technique and light contact.


What is a Ninja?

A Ninja literally means an invisible assassin. A Ninja is an extensively trained military spy of ancient Japan.


What are the Martial Arts?

The Martial Arts are military, warlike, or fighting arts which include all systems of combat.


When and where was the first Martial Arts Exposition held in the United States?

The first Martial Arts Exposition was held in 1953 in New York's Madison Square Garden. Mas Oyama, the founder of the Kyokushinkai style of karate, performed for the public at the first Martial Arts Expo.


Is it important to break boards and bricks in karate?

To some degree breaking objects serves a purpose. Mainly is it used in demonstrations because of the sensational effect. Breaking a 1 inch pine board equates to breaking a human rib.


What is the best way to avoid a fight?

Running is an honorable option if at all possible. If you can't run, try to persuade the attacker not to follow through. When no other choice is available, hit first and hit hard enough so that the first move will disable the assailant.


Which full-contact tournament is the most famous?

On September 14, 1974, Mike Anderson in conjunction with Don and Judy Quine and the Professional Karate Association held The Novel World Professional Karate Championships at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Sport karate was revolutionized as this event kicked off the current emphasis on full-contact competition. The championships featured fourteen fighters from seven countries throughout the world. Representing the United States were the undisputed best fighters in the nation - Howard Jackson, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace, and Joe Lewis. An unprecedented $20,000 in total prize money was awarded by Anderson.


Who are considered sport karate's greatest fighters?

Sport Karate's greatest fighters to date are (voted by the top 50 fighters in the U.S.A.): Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, Benny Urquidez, and Mike Stone.


Who is Joe Corley?

Joe Corley of Atlanta, Georgia, was considered one of the top middleweights in point competition in the early 1970s. Corley has become one of the leading spokesmen for professional karate and is also responsible for the largest karate tournament - The Battle of Atlanta - which features over 2,000 fighters.


Who were the first four world full contact fighters?

Isasis Duanis - Light weight - Mexico
Bill Wallace - Middle weight - U.S.A.
Jeff Smith - Light Heavy weight - U.S.A.
Joe Lewis - Heavy weight - U.S.A.