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Card 1:

Resurrection from death originated in Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians occupied the Nile's fertile banks more than 50,000 years ago.

Egyptians thought of their Pharaohs as Gods.
They built giant statues of these kings and enormous pyramids at Giza about 2,500 BCE to bury and honor their kings.

The Pyramid was considered the launching pad to heaven! It points to heaven to guide the dead king's soul/spirit.


Card 2:

The reason the Egyptians thought the king would live forever was because he was thought of as a God. After awhile, the common people thought "hey, we want to live forever also" so just from the allure of "wishful thinking" they started believing they were entitled to eternal life as well.

The tomb was stocked with objects they expected to be used by the deceased in the afterlife.

They even had a copy of the "Book of the dead" which contained history and wise proverbs to help their king rule in the afterlife.

Our Bible today contains much content from the book of the dead which is passed off to Christians as holy infallible scripture from God.


Card 3:

Like mentioned before, the poor people became fixated on making it to the afterlife and would leave a few scrapes of food in the grave of the deceased.

The idea of the afterlife went viral to every nation on Earth, and it is still here today!

Over time people invented saviors to assist them getting their ticket punched for the afterlife. So today we have millions of Gods, thousands of saviors, tens of thousands of religions and countless religious denominations! All this from wishful thinking people tens of thousands of years ago who lived on the banks of the Nile over 50,000 years ago.


Card 4:

(MN: I would call it the Egyptian delusion. For they rejected reality and gravitated into a living forever fantasy. People today spend much time and effort preparing for an afterlife that is never going to happen.)

Egyptians had many Gods. Before Egypt became one great unified nation, all the small clans of Egypt that formed the great unified Egypt had to accept all the smaller clan's Gods.

There were so many Gods that as time went by many smaller Gods were merged into larger, more powerful Gods.

Then the surrounding nations wanted their own powerful God so they just copied another God and added a few more attributes. This has been happening for thousands of years and is called "Synchronization".

All the Gods and Saviors we have in the world today are simply modified copies of more ancient Gods.

Then the very best attributes are always copied into the new God or Savior.

That is why almost all saviors were born at Christmas and every Savior was a virgin birth. Google it and see for yourself.

Religious rituals were required to prevent Gods from getting angry and destroying the world, then people had to pray to Gods and go to church and study the strictures and obey them. We have to do all these very same things today to stay in good drakes in our religions and neighborhoods. Think of that a second. This is behavior copied for many thousands of years!

In addition to all of this they had to make sacrifices. Smoke from the sacrifices floated to Gods in heaven and gave him nourishment.

Later, the idea of saviors came about and the savior made the ultimate sacrifice, so going forward people had to worship their savior for their ticket to heaven.


Card: 5. Additional info.

Egyptians married and divorced like people do now. Males married ages 15 to 20. Females 12 to 14.

No religious ceremony, they just started living together.

Adultery was the most common reason for divorce. 20 to 50% of the babies died.

Egyptian homes had bathrooms. Today half the world doesn't have bathrooms.

Egyptians were 80% peasants, most of them starving. They did the heavy work of public and community service. They also paid very hefty taxes, often in crops.

A person born into a pheasant class stayed there for life. They never had a chance to climb the social ladder.


Card: 6. Additional info.

Women could sue and leave the house by herself. Comparison, an Ancient Greek woman could not leave the home without a male escort, and even then she had to wear a veil.

Egyptian marriages were always arranged.

Egyptians played board games with good and bad squares to land on. The squares were carved into a rock. For dice they threw knucklebones, pieces of bone.

They believed in magic spells to heal them. They chanted the spells until they were healed or died.

There was no public education system. Education was mostly nonexistent.

They used sponges for daily bathing.


Card: Seven

The ancient Egyptians lived in complete ignorance. They believed that a God named "Sun" would place the Sun in the sky every morning.

Then every evening, another God named "Set" would win a battle against the God "Sun" and remove the SUN out of the sky!

Even today we have the word "SUNSET" started by this ancient Egyptian belief.

The Egyptians were over 99% illiterate and most Egyptians never went to school.