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What two sections is the Bible divided into?

The Old Testament and the New Testament.


What does the Old Testament contain?

Genesis (creation accounts).
Details about prophets e.g. Abraham and Moses.
Gods guidance and laws e.g. Ten Commandments like "Do not kill".
History and wisdom books.


What does the New Testament contain?

Book of Revelation.
Gospels on Jesus-detail events on Jesus' life and teachings like "love thy neighbour".
Letters written by Peter and Paul.
The Acts of the Apostles.


Define Inspiration

"God breathed"
The belief that the Holy Spirit guides people to write what is good and true


What do Catholics believe about the origins of the Bible?

The Bible came from certain events, which were interpreted then passed on verbally, then written down by humans, who were inspired by God, into different books which then became the Bible. It took thousands of years to write. They believe it is the word of God.


What do Fundamentalist Christians/Creationists believe about the Bible?

They take the Bible literally and believe it word for word.
Bible should not be questioned as it is the words of God.


How do Catholics make moral decisions?

1. The Bible
2. Tradition
3. Magisterium


Define Creation ex Nihlo

Creation out of nothing.
Before God created the universe, nothing existed.
Only God can create out of nothing


What do Catholics believe about Creation?

Believe in Genesis
Genesis symbolically tells us why the universe was created and how.
Nothing existed before God created it.
Some believe that it matches the Big Bang theory.


What does the creation accounts show Catholics about God?

Omnipotent-"Let there be light' and there was light"-G1
Omnibenevolent-"Its not good that the man should be alone, I will make a helper"-G2
Transcendent-"Gods spirit hovered over the water"-G1
Eternal-"In the beginning God..."-G1
Creator-"God created the heavens and the earth"-G1


What does St Augustine say about creation ex nihlo?

"You must have created them from nothing"


What is the Big Bang?

The idea that the universe began 13.7 billion years ago in an explosion where a tiny ultra fog of energy burst into existence and all matter was thrown outwards. This expanded and became the universe today.


What does Stephen Hawking say about the Big Bang?

"Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing".
Stephen Hawking doubts the existence of God completely and believes that the Big Bang is the truth.


How do Catholics view the Big Bang?

They accept the idea as it supports creation ex nihlo and there is no contradiction between the two.
God said "Let there be light" in Genesis so they believe that it is a direct reference to the Big Bang symbolically.
Science explains how the universe came about and Genesis explains why the universe came about.


What do Jews believe about creation?

God is the creator of all life.
Celebrate Sabbath, recalling that God made the universe in six days and rested on the seventh.
Share the same two stories of creation with Christians.

Orthodox Jews: Believe the stories are true accounts and reject modern scientific ideas like evolution and the Big Bang.

Reform Jews: Think that the creation accounts shouldn't be taken as historical facts.


Define evolution

The process of mutation and natural selection which leads to changes in species over time to suit a particular environment.


Who came up with evolution?

Charles Darwin


Who was Charles Darwin?

A famous scientist in the 1800's who came up with the theory of evolution.


Who is Richard Dawkins

He is a modern scientific supporter and an Athiest.


What does Richard Dawkins say about the idea of God creating the world and souls?

"There is no creator God who has a purpose, a plan or a design for the universe".
Dawkins say that there is no such thing as the soul, nor is there any evidence of one.


How do Catholics view evolution and respond to Dawkins?

They do not interpret the Bible literally.
They may ask why the universe came into existence.
God created with a purpose and everything is part of his loving plan.
Science is not in a position to say anything about souls as they are spiritual.


Define Revelation

How God makes himself known to human beings.
Christians believe that God does this fully through Jesus.


What do Jews believe about the Torah?

Orthodox Jews: Obey every mitzvot and taken literally. Although society may change, the jewish teachings don't.

Reform Jews: Scriptures have to be adapted to modern life.


What do Fundamentalist Christians/Creationists believe about Genesis?

Literal word of God.
God created the world in a week and then everything was perfect.
Reject theory of evolution.
Genesis was written by Moses from Gods point of view.
Holy Spirit dictates Bible.


Define Omnipotence

The belief that God is all powerful.


Define Transcendence

Existing outside of space and time.
God exists above and beyond creation.


Define Imago Dei

In the image of God. The belief that human beings are uniquely a reflection of Gods personhood.
Unlike other animals, human beings are rational, free and moral.


What is conscience?

Human reason for making a moral decision. The knowledge that we have of what is right and wrong.