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What is gas pressure?

When gas particles collide into an area


What do we include when planning an experiment to take into account safety?

A risk assessment


What happens tot he size of a balloon when you cool it down and why?

It decreases in size.

The gas pressure in the balloon decreases.

Because the gas particles move more slowly so fewer collisions.


What does a risk assessment look like?


What happens to the movement of gas particles when you decrease their temperature?

They move around more slowly.


The more collisions, the ________ the gas pressure.

The more collisions, the higher the gas pressure.


Why is atmospheric pressure less up a mountain?

Because you are above most of the gas particles in the atmosphere so fewer can collide into you (the particles are more dense at sea level)


Define pressure.

When a force acts over an area.


Why does the pressure of a gas inside a container increase when the volume of the container is decreased?

Becuase the particles of gas collide more with the walls of the container.


If you decrease the volume of a container, what happens to the pressure of the gas inside it?

The gas pressure increases.


When planning an experiment how can we make it more reliable?

By repeating each measurement several times.


What is meant by density of gas particles?

How close together the gas particles are.


What happens to the movement of gas particles when you increase their temperature?

They move around more quickly.


In which direction does gas pressure act?

All directions


The air around you that collides with your body is called...

atmospheric pressure.


Where is atmospheric pressure greatest? At sea level or on top of a mountain?

At sea level


What happens to gas pressure inside a container when your decrease the temperature.

It decreases


Wha happens tot he pressure of a gas inside a container when you increase its temperature?

Pressure increases.