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Insertion of the erector spinae group

Various attachments at the posterior ribs, spinous and transverse processes of the thoracic and cervical vertebrae, mastoid process of the temporal bone and between superior and inferior nuchal lines of the occipital bone


Actions of the erector spinae group

As a group

Bilaterally: extends the trunk, neck and head
Unilaterally: laterally flexes the trunk, neck and head to the same side


Origin of Quadratus lumborum

Posterior iliac crest


Insertion of the quadratus lumborum

Inferomedial 12th rib and transverse processes of L1-L4


Action of the quadratus lumborum

Bilaterally: extends the trunk

Unilaterally: laterally flexes the trunk to the same side


The origin of the erector spinae group

Thoracolumbar fascia from the posterior sacrum, posterior iliac crest, lumbar spinous processes and the 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae