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What apparatus are used to measure the specific heat capacity?

-4 1kg metal blocks , aluminium, steel,copper,brass
-joule meter


Health and safety in the specific hear capacity experiment?

Wear eye protection
-take care


Process of measuring specific heat capacity?

1. Measure the initial temperature of the block and set the potential difference of the power supply to 10v . Turn on the power supply an start a stop watch.
2. Every minute for 10 minutes record the temperature and how fast it increases
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for different metals


How to prepare for a specific heat capacity experiment?

-measure the mass of the block being used , then wrap it in an insulating layer to reduce energy being transferred to the surroundings
-insert thermometer and heater into block


Equation for specific heat capacity

C= change in E/ mass x temperature change.


How to calculate specific heat capacity from the experiment?

Read number of joules on joule meter, find mass of the block and the temperature change.


What does the joule meter tell us?

How many joules of energy are being used


Sources of innacuarcy in specific heat capacity experiment?

-thermal energy passing put pf beaker.: use an insulator with lower thermal conductivity
-not all thermal energy passing into the oil: ensure that immersion heater is fully submerged
-incorrectly reading thermometer: use an electronic temperature probe