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Officers should contact the _________ for a list of agencies and individuals who may be contacted on a 24-hour basis to provide support in situations involving people with specific disabilities. 

Communications Bureau Shift Commander


Access to Departmental Programs:

Interactive police-community programs such as crime prevention, neighborhood crime watch, youth and in-school programs, and all other services _____ available to people with disabilities. 

will be


Access to Departmental Programs:

Departmental program advertisements and descriptions shall include a statement inviting and encouraging participation by persons with disabilities.

The standard county statement is: "It is the policy of Miami-Dade County to comply with all of the requirements of the American With Disabilities Act.

For sign language interpreter services call 305-668-4407 ___ days in advance. 



If the person with the disability is unable to communicate, employees should seek a  ______; a form of identification; and/or input from family, witnesses, or others to aid in identifying the nature of the disability. 

medical alert bracelet


People who require prescribed medication at regular intervals; e.g., for treatment of diabetes or epilepsy. _______ personnel shall be contacted immediately to determine the importance of administering medications, potential for overdose, or other concerns. 

Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue


Special Restraint and Arrest Procedures:

When effecting an arrest of a person with a disability, officers should be able to access the support systems necessary to ensure the rights of the individual. This may include use of ______, attorneys, and legal guardians.