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What are the four stages of passage planning?

Appraisal planning execution and monitoring


Define appraisal

The process of gathering together all information relevant to the contemplated passage including ascertaining risks and assessing critical areas


Define planning

The preparation of a DETAILED plan using the relevant information gathered at the appraisal stage. The detailed plan should embrace the whole passage from BERTH TO BERTH and include all waters where a PILOT will be onboard.


Define execution

The carrying out of the plan. The tactics to be used in the execution of the plan should be decided to achieve a safe passage and to meet the required ETAs. Execution will ordinarily take place prior to departure and will continue while the vessel is on passage


Define monitoring

The close and continuous monitoring of the ships progress along the pre planned track. It includes checking the state and performance of navigational equipment and taking all steps to ensure the continuing safety of the vessel.


What can be determined from small scale charts or routing cards?

Arrival and departure waypoints
Landfalls on passage
Limitations of weather and climate
Territorial no go areas
Oil fields
Fishery limits
Naval exercise areas
Limiting latitudes
Load line restrictions


What publications would be gathered for appraisal of a coastal passage?

Chart 5011
Tide tables
Adm. List of lights and fog signals
Adm. List of radio signals
Adm. Notice to Mariners
Ts and Ps
Ships manoeuvring characteristics data file
IALA Bouygues system
Standing orders


What publications gathered in appraisal which are specific to ocean passage?

Distance tables
Routing charts
Ocean passages for the world
Gnomic charts
Passage planning charts


Name five things to be considered when planning a landfall

Navigational aids available and operation
Experience of the area
Nature of coastline
Navigational warnings in force