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A Smart TV can be connected to a router using a USB connecter. Name one other type of connectivity that could be used to connect a Smart TV to a router

One of :

1. WiFi

2. Ethernet / LAN / 10/100 / 10/100/1000 / Gigabit / Cat 5e / Cat 5 / Cat 6e

3. Powerlin


Give two ways that streaming is different from downloading.

Any two from:

1. Don’t have to wait (for all content to be downloaded)

2. Doesn’t store a copy of the file (permanently)

3. Can watch live broadcasts/content

4. You can watch downloaded content offline

5. Streaming ‘buffers’/’lags’ when watching

6. Quality depends on connectivity


Give two types of online community that you could use to share videos with friends

Any two from:

1. Blog (e.g. Blogger)

2. Vlog (e.g. YouTube)

3. Social media / social network / microblog (e.g. Facebook/Twitter)

4. User generated reference sites (Wiki/Forum/Social bookmarking) (e.g. Wikipedia/Stack Exchange/

5. Chatroom/Group chat (e.g. WhatsApp/Skype)


Give three online payment methods you can use to subscribe to online content.

Any three from:

1. Third party payment processor (e.g. Skrill)

2. Cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin)

3. Gift card /voucher codes / coupons / e-cheque

4. Debit/credit/bank card

5. Direct debit/Standing order

6. Bank transfer 7. Paypal


Explain one benefit of wireless connectivity

An explanation to include:

1. More portable (1) because not (physically) restrained / restricted (1)

2. Fewer health and safety risks (1) because no trailing cables (1)

3. Quicker/easier to set up (initially) (1) because cables do not have to be laid / chased into walls (etc.) (1)

4. Cheaper (1) as no cables to buy on top of router (1)

5. Supports more types of device (e.g. tablet/smartphone) (1) as some do not have wired connections (1)


Give two types of storage you could use to store movies and photos on your smartphone

Any two from:

1. Cloud

2. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

3. Memory Stick

4. USB/Pen drive

5. SD (Card) / Memory card

6. (Internal) hard drive


How many MB are in 1 GB ?



State one camera setting that you could choose to reduce the file size of a photo

Any one from:

1. Resolution

2. File type

3. Bit depth / colour depth / number of colours

4. Dimensions

5. Metadata (e.g. geotagging

) 6. Change HD to SD


What is ADSL used for by some routers?

ADSL is used by some routers to send email to the Internet.

(ADSL is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)


Explain one drawback of using email to share photos

Any one explanation from:

1. Can’t remove (if changed mind / make mistake) (1) as cannot retrieve emails once sent (1)

2. Have to spend time / have knowledge (1) to set up email client (1)

3. Can’t tag/comment (1) to give interactivity (1)

4. Takes a long time (1) to type in each recipient’s address (1)

5. It reduces privacy (1) because emails are not always secure / could be hacked (1) 6. Number of photos / quality of photo may be limited (1) due to restrictions on file/attachment size (1)

(2 Marks given if explanation linked with answer)


Describe one method of sharing photos you could use other than email

A description to include:

1. Upload/post/add the photo (1) to cloud storage / to a social network / blog / photoblog (1)

OR 2. Attach/send (1) to an instant message/MMS (1)

OR 3. Download/upload/transfer/store (1) using media (1)

OR 4. Transfer/send (1) using connectivity (1)


State one privacy setting you should check (when setting up ) before you using your online profile

Any one from:

1. Whether only friends can see profile

2. Whether your profile is open (private)

3. Whether you have to accept friends before they can see your profile 4. Location (setting).


Which one of these is a feature of a strong password?

1. Has fewer than 4 characters

2. Includes a mixture of upper and lower case characters

3. Uses personal information

4. Contains only numbers

2. Includes a mixture of upper and lower case characters


Give one benefit of photos being 'tagged'

You can be alerted when photos of you are posted


State one other feature (other than tagging) of a social network that you can use to communicate with friends

Any one from:

1. Like

2. Comment

3. Reply

4. Poke

5. Private/direct message

6. IM

7. Live video (e.g. Facebook Live) /video call (e.g. Hangouts)

8. Post


State 3 features of a tablet computer that make it a multifunctional device

Any three from:

1. (Touch) screen

2. GPS

3. Sensors (e.g. Accelerometer)

4. Microphone

5. Speakers / Headphone port

6. Camera

7. Connectivity (e.g. WiFi, NFC, USB)

8. Applications / apps / software


Give three points to describe how you can use your smartphone to give your tablet computer access to the Internet

A description to include three from:

1) Pair/connect/link the devices (1)

2) using wireless/wired connection (1)

3) to share the smartphone’s mobile broadband/data (1)

4) using the smartphone as a router/hotspot (1) CAN USE these descriptions

(Accept 3G/4G etc. for ‘mobile broadband’ Accept WiFi/Bluetooth etc. for ‘wireless connection’ Accept USB etc. for ‘wired connection’ :)


List two user interface features (other than password) that digital devices use to prevent unauthorised access

Any two from:

1. Fingerprint (scanner)

2. Voice recognition

3. Facial recognition

4. Pattern (lock)

5. PIN / passcode

6. Two factor authentication

7. Iris / retina / eye recognition


Give one advantage of using proprietary software rather than open source software

One explanation from:

1. Developer is responsible for quality/errors (1) and provides updates/maintenance/support (1)

2. Source code is not freely available / changeable (1) making it harder for hackers / harder to find/exploit vulnerabilities (e.g. hide a virus in code)(1)

3. Proprietary software often has more dedicated support services (1) that can assist with technical problems (1).


Name one disadvantage of using proprietary software rather than open source software

proprietary software is often more expensive


What is Mbps a measure of?

Download speed


State two  reasons why some people cannot access the internet

Any two from:

1. (High) cost / (Low) affordability

2. Remoteness

3. Lack of skills/understanding

4. Lack of infrastructure/connectivity

5. Political restrictions

6. Cultural/religious restrictions

7. Disabilities


Describe the purpose of a media server on a home network

A description to include:

To store video/audio/image files (1) that can be accessed/played (by connected devices) (1)


What is a firewall used for in a home network ?

Restricting access to a network


How is spyware a threat to your data?

Spyware can track/obtain data/information/keystrokes (1) and send it to a third party (1) (Accept ‘view’ for ‘track’)


Other than spyware - list 2 other types of online threat to your data

Any two from:

1. Hackers

2. Viruses/malware/ransomware

3. Phishing

4. Pharming


Give a reasoned argument to support the view that the internet has a positive effect on socialising: (6 marks)

1. Lots of devices are internet-enabled so can socialise on the move and 24/7 365. 2. Can have face-to-face communication with people far away (using video calling). 3. Can speak to lots of people at once (e.g. using VoIP and IM).

4. Devices have social integration (Twitter on TV).

5. Online gaming provides new ways of socialising, encourages collaboration and improves communication skills.

6. Social features help improve interaction and provide richer communication.

7. Can share multimedia.

8. Can find/meet new friends based on shared interests.

9. Safer to meet friends online than in some real-world locations.

10. Can use technology to help organise real world social life.

11. Can increase confidence / overcome social anxiety.

12. Some people feel more comfortable if not face-to-face (e.g. someone with a speech impediment).

13. Location based services can help meet up with friends.

14. Can limit contact to only those friends you want to interact with.

15. Easy to report antisocial behaviour.


Explain why online banking services often use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

1. It is a secure/trusted/encrypted/safer (connection / website) (1) which protects data/information / gives customers confidence (1), customer’s data is not intercepted/stolen/used maliciously (1)


2. It is a secure (connection / website) (1) to protect customers’ data (1) as banks are responsible/may suffer from financial implications (1)


3. Online data is vulnerable (1) to unauthorised access (1) by hackers (1)


List two services to customers that banks provide online

Any two from: 1. Money transfers / standing orders / direct debits / bill payments

2. Product sales (savings/insurance/loans/open account etc.)

3. Check balance/statements/recent transactions

4. Order chequebooks/statements

5. Communication (chat/email) / support


State one service that banks cannot provide online

Any one from:

1. Cash/cheque withdrawals/deposits

2. Meeting in person (face-to-face customer service/advice)

3. Paperwork requirements (e.g. changing signature/name)


Explain why customers' use of digital devices has changed the way that organisations operate (3 marks)

Example: People watch TV and use their smartphone/tablet at the same time (x) which means that they can interact with each other/about programme content (y) media organisations incorporate social media functionality (z)


Explain why access to the internet should be equally available

An explanation such as:

Many services are online (1) and those without access (1) are disadvantaged/treated unfairly (1)


Discuss the impact of the use of the internet on how people (employees) work

(6 marks)

Access to work

1. Working from home / on the move to fit with people’s lifestyles.

2. Ability to use video conferencing (e.g. Google Hangouts) to avoid travelling to meetings.

3. Can work anytime, so more flexible working.

4. Extra expectations placed on workers.

5. Monitoring of work is easier by employers so added pressure to perform.

6. Distractions from social media mean some workers may not work as effectively. 7. Creation of new customer service jobs (working on social media etc.). [Allowable.] Access to information

8. Workers (doctors/teachers) can check facts on online databases, so less reliant on supervisors for this.

9. Teachers can set work for students online and can access work from home. 10.Collaboration and sharing information is more possible and team work can be emphasised.

11.Can become more isolated and lose out on face to face interactions with co-workers.

12.Communication is enhanced (using email / IM / VoIP). Automation:

13.Self-service on websites.

14.Software can be created to carry out tasks that do not need human attention. Artificial intelligence 15.Individuals can take advantage of automated online sales systems and artificial intelligence for marketing.