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What are the symptoms of Qi deficiency

Listlessness, lassitude, shortness of breath, unwillingness of speak, all of them aggravated by movement, pale tounge and weak pulse etc


Qi deficiency

The functions of visceral and bowels decline


Collapse of Qi

Qi is so deficient that it falls instead of raising


What is the Etiopathology of the collapse of Qi

Development of Qi deficiency, over strain which leads to the impairment of the visceral Qi


What are they symptoms of the collapse of Qi

Same as Qi deficiency plus prolapse of viscera, prolonged diarrhea and dysentery bowels
Multiple miscarriages may indicate
Easily bruised


Revered flow of Qi. What is the etiopathology

Lung Qi, phlegm;
Stomach Qi, phlegm, food stagnation;
Liver-Qi, depression and anger


What are they symptoms of reversed flow of Qi

Lung Qi: cough and dyspnea
Stomach Qi: hiccup, education, nausea and vomiting
Liver Qi: dizziness and painful distention in the head or syncope, hematemesis


What is happening when Qi is stagnant

The movement of Qi is obstructed


What is the etiopathology of stagnation of Qi

Emotion, food, phlegm, blood stasis, and any accumulation of pathological substance in the body
Liver Qi stasis most common


What are the symptoms of stagnation of Qi

Oppression and distending, un-localized and fluctuation pain which will subside after farting and beltching
Hypochondrium distention, breast distention


What is the etiopathology of blood deficiency

Chronic and acute bleeding, hypo function of spleen and stomach, blood stasis, overwork, pensiveness


What are the symptoms of blood deficiency

Pale dim or sallow complexion; pale lips, tongue and fingernails; dizziness and blurred vision, palpitation, insomnia, numbness of limbs
P: thin / thready
T: pale and dry


What is the etiopathology of Heart disturbed by phlegm fire

Long emotional disorder causing liver Qi, which can change into fire burning body fluid becoming phlegm


Symptoms of Heart disturbed by phlegm fire

Insomnia, delirium, schizophrenia, hysteria, etc. Red tongue with yellow and greasy fur, rapid and slippery pulse


Etiopathology of insufficiency of Lung Qi

Prolonged cough and dyspnea, poor nutrition


Symptoms of insufficient Lung Qi

Feeble cough and dyspnea, easily catches cold, Qi deficiency symptoms, tongue and pulse


Etiopathology of deficiency of lung yin

Chronic cough or febrile diseases


Symptoms of deficiency of lung yin

Dry cough, blood-stained sputum, yin def. symptoms, tongue and pulse


Symptoms of wind cold pathogens tightening lung

Cough, white and thing sputum, profuse water nasal discharge, slight aversion to cold, mild fever, without sweating, headache and body-ache, thin white coating, superficial and tense pulse


Symptoms of invasion of lung by wind heat

Cough, yellow and thick sputum, sore throat, dry mouth and turbid nasal discharge, fever, red tongue tip, thin yellow fur, superficial and rapid pulse.


Ectiopathology of retention of pathogenic heat in lung

Eco-pathogenic facets invade the lung for a long time


Symptoms of retention of pathogenic heat in lung

Cough dyspnea, yellow and thick sputum, red tongue, yellow fur, rapid pulse


Etiopathology of accumulation of phlegm-damp in lung

Prolonged cough or spleen disorder


Symptoms of accumulation of phlegm-dampness in lung

Lasting cough with profuse thin sputum, pale tongue with white greasy fur, slippery pulse


What is the etiopathology of Qi deficiency

Persisting or serious diseases, overworking, aging, etc


Lung Qi deficiency

Spontaneous sweating - pores are open
Cough weak
Complexion - pale white


SP Qi Def.

Diarrhoea, loss of appetite, dull abdominal pain


How does one become Qi deficient?

Persisting disease, overwork, aging


Heart Qi deficient

Palpitations, dizziness
As well as other signs and symptoms of Qi def.


Kidney Qi def

Low back pain - a constant ache and weakness
Pain in knees
Frequent urination


Why does one get the collapse of Qi?

It is a progression of Qi def.
What does the person do all day? Heavy lifting and carrying can indicate collapse of Qi


What signs and symptoms indicate Liver blood def.

Dryness in lips, nails, hair, and skin. Eyes: blurred vision, floaters, dry eyes


What are the causes of blood stasis

Qi stasis; Qi def.; cold blockage; Heat blockage


Define blood stasis

I smooth circulation of Qi, blood retention somewhere in the body, seen with bruising


Signs and symptoms of blood stasis

Fixed stabbing localized pain, worse at night (time of yin), darkness/ purple on nails skin or face; sin dry and rough (blood not getting there);
T: purple, stasis spots, dark and flat
P: rough and choppy


Heat in the blood
What is the cause?

Pathogenic heat / fire
XS heat
Exterior heat
7 emotions turning to fire
Diet: alchohol, drugs, spicy hot foods, smoking and coffee
Very dangerous


What are signs and symptoms of Blood Heat?

Arrack less bleeding where it shouldn't: anus, nose, vomiting
Hyperactive fnx. Irritable and restless, thirsty for cold drinks; mensies: deep red -> purple, heavy bleeding, deep color, heavy period
T: red -> Crimson
P: Fast and can be slippery, flooding / surging