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PBA representatives have the right to request time off conducting PBA business, however not more than ______ representatives shall have the right to receive permission.

6 PBA representatives


The maximum aggregate number of paid hours ________ provides to PBA representatives in one fiscal year.

2500 hours


In a fiscal year which includes the negotiation of a union contract or wage reopener , a additional ______ hours of union leave is added.

300 hours


Annually up to _____ hours of annual leave and or sick time may be transferred from PBA members to the PBA leave bank.

2 hours


Prior to implementing any change in agency policy or regulations , the PBA shall provided _______ days notice and a opportunity to discuss such change.

30 days


The labor management committee shall consist of ______ members appointed by the chief of police.

4 members


The labor management committee shall consist of _______ members and ________ alternatives and ________ employee relations representative appointed by the PBA

4 members , 2 alternative members and 1 employee relations representative


The labor management committee meetings occur on the _____ of each month.

First Tuesday of each month


Time spend greater than _______ days on a leave of absence (except workers comp) shall not be credited in the calculation of seniority dates.

30 days


Vacations must be submitted by _______ of the year in which the vacation is to be taken to exercise seniority

April 1st


The bid process must be completed by ________

January 15th


Following the bid process the new assignments shall be effective on the ______

2nd payroll period of February


Employees being laid off shall be given ______ calendar day written notice.

21 calendar days


During a employee layoff , health and life insurance may be continued at the _________ expense.



A employee shall be removed from the reemployment preferential list is he fails to respond within _______ days after receiving notice of recall.

4 working days


A cancelation of PBA dues deduction may be completed upon ______ days written notice to the city and PBA.

30 days written notice


Any changes in the amount of PBA dues was be provided by the PBA to the city ________ weeks prior to the first pay date.

4 weeks


If promotion/assignment is within ______ days of the employees annual salary review date , the employee is placed at 1 step beyond the rate of pay they would have received.

90 days


Employees shall serve a promotional probationary period of ______.

6 months


A police officer who is at maximum step and has _______ or more years of service shall be eligible for designation as a MPO

10 years


A employee at grade p-3, 4,5,6,7 who has _______ or more years of service and ________ or more years at rank are eligible for designation of senior level.

10 years of service and 5 years at ranks


Travel time to and from designated area of work out side of Hillsborough county shall be considered work hours. True or false



Employees may bank up to a maximum of _______ hours in the compensatory time bank.

80 hours


Compensatory time not used will be paid at ________.

End of the payroll fiscal year


Beginning with the _______ day that a employee is rescheduled within a payroll fiscal year, the employee shall be eligible for the crediting of rescheduling time.

4th day


Rescheduling time shall be at the rate of ______ for the rescheduled day.

4 hours


Rescheduling time does include Probabtion employees, and speciality team training and deployment. True or false



Employees ________ be eligible for payment of unused rescheduling time upon separation of employment.

Shall not be eligible


Employees cannot retain the Witness fee and collect the 3 hours of pay for court time. True or false

False employees can retain the witness fee in addition to the 3 hours or pay


Shift for evening shift is ______ per hour.

.85 cents per hour


Shift differential for midnight shift is ______ per hour.

1.21 per hour


Employees eligible for midnight shift start on or after ______.

6:30 pm


There are _______ designated holidays per fiscal year.

11 days


A maximum of ______ of unused holiday pay shall be carried over to the next fiscal year.

45.7 hours


Annual leave shall be granted on a basis of ______ hours for each bi-weekly payroll period.

3.8 hours


Crediting for additional leave hours shall occur on the ______.

1st payroll cycle at the beginning of the calendar year.


Employees are authorized the use of annual leave after completing ________.

6 months of the Probationary period


Every employee shall be afforded the opportunity of taking at least ________ hours of annual leave per year.

80 hours


A employee shall be paid in a lump sum any unused leave not exceeding ______hours.

240 hours


Sick leave is accumulated at a rate of _____ hours per pay period.

3.8 hours


A employee may be granted a maximum amount of ______hours per calendar year to care for a family member.

45.7 hours


A employee may a granted maximum of _______ of accrued sick leave for personal (non illness) purposes.

45.7 hours


Employees with 10 or more years of service may be granted a maximum of _______ of sick leave for personal (non-illness) purposes.

57.1 hours


A doctors note may be required if the amount of sick time is in excess of ______ consecutive days.

3 consecutive days


To receive compensation while absent or sick the employee shall notify his immediate supervisor not less than ______ prior to his reporting time.

1 hour


Upon separation employees shall be paid a lump sum equal to _____ of the accumulated unused sick time at the current rate of pay.

1/2 of the accumulated unused time


Upon the death of a employee , his legal heirs receive a lump sum payment equal to ________ of the accumulated unused sick time.



In the event all sick/annual is exhausted . The supervisor may authorize (AWP) absence without pay for up to _______ working days in a calendar year.

2 days


Additional absences without pay (AWP) be authorized by the discretion of the chief up to _____ hours.

80 hours or 14 days


A absence for any part of the work day not approved by a supervisor is considered _______.

Absent without leave (AWL)


An employee who is absent without leave for________ consecutive days may be dismissed as quit without notice.

3 consecutive days


In the event of the death of a immediate family member , a maximum of _____ days of paid funeral leave may be granted.

3 days


In the event of a death of a relative (aunt, brother in law etc) funeral leave of _____ days may be granted.

2 days


______ hours of paid military leave is granted to include all benefits and pay.

240 hours


Any employee recalled to duty after leaving for the day or more than 2 hours prior to shift, or on a scheduled day off shall be granted a minimum of _______ hours work.

3 hours


Officers required to wear business attire as part of their assignment shall receive a clothing allowance of ______.

650 dollars


Officers required to wear plain clothes (roc) attire as part of their assignment shall receive a clothing allowance of ______.

$375 paid in one sum 2nd payroll period of march


Officers assigned to honor guard , receive a allowance of _____ paid monthly.



Employees may purchase their own protective vest through the departments vendor and may request a credit of up to ______ in lieu of accepting the issued vest.



A employee acting in a higher promotional role for a continuous period exceeding 16, 20 or 22.8 hours shall receive _____ step additional salary.

1 step additional salary


Employee assigned to TRT, EOD, Hostage, dive, motors, bike squad shall receive a special payment of _____ per month.

$115 per month


K-9 and mounted officers shall be paid for a additional _____ hours per week at the rate of pay of $8 hr to care for the dogs.

7 hours a week


The city shall reimburse employees a total of_______for undergraduate degrees, _______ for master degrees and _______ for doctoral degrees

$2000 for undergraduate $2500 for graduate $3000 for doctoral


The city provides life insurance equal to the employees salary up to a maximum of ______ ?



At least _____ months prior to each promotional exam the city shall
List all sources and the test date.

10 months


Promotional Test candidates will be permitted at least _______ days following the administration of the test to review.

4 days


Employees shall receive _______ point for each of service up to a maximum of _______ years.

A 1/2 point up to a maximum of 15 years or 7.5 points


When a detective/corporal vacancy is to be filled, the city shall certify the top ______ percentage of eligible officers plus ______ additional names for each vacancy.

The top 35 percent plus a additional 2 names for each additional vacancy.


Prior to the administration of the promotional exam a _______ selected by the union and the city shall reviewed for relevancy and accuracy.



Payment for lost or damaged equipment is a maximum of _______. Made through payroll deductions not exceeding _______hours per payroll period.

Maximum of $350, deducted at 2 hours per pay period.


_______ when added to workers compensation this shall equal the employees take home salary.



Employees who are injured on duty and who are not assigned to light duty shall receive super-compensation for a period of ______ consecutive months.

12 months