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Why do DA neurons degenerate?

- oxidative stress
- mitochondrial dysfunction
- ubiquitin-proteasome dysfunction
- neuroinflammation


Describe ubiquitin-proteasome pathway

Polyubiquitin chain conjugated to substrate to tag it for degradation by

PD causing mutation -> disrupted ubiquitination -> decreased degradation of damaged proteins -> protein aggregate -> cell death


Genetic causes of defects in ubiquitin-proteasome pathway?

PARKIN gene (associated w/ E3 ligase)

NB: E1, E2, E3 are enzymes involved in ubiquitination


Mechanism of ROS generation in PD?

DA and its metabolites have tendency to form ROS

SNpc is rich in iron, redox cycles of iron generate ROS

Mitochondrial dysfunctions uncouple redox reactions -> ROS


Genetic causes of ROS generation in PD?

Deficiency in antioxidant molecules (glutathione) -> ROS generation


Mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction in PD?

a-synuclein aggregates can inhibit complex 1->mitchond. dysfunction
ROS -> dysfunction
DJ1 mut-> Mitochondrial membrane dysfunction -> dysfunction

Mitochondrial dysfunction -> Cyt C released -> apoptosis


Mechanism of neuroinflammation in PD?

[6-OHDA, MPTP] -> direct microglial activation and indirect (LPS) neurotoxins


Overview of midbrain DA neurons?

nigrostriatal: DA neurons in SNpc innervate the dorsal striatum

mesocorticolimbic: VTA neurons innervate nucleus accumbens and olfactory tubercle (via mesolimbic and mesocortical projections)


Overview of theories of SNpc DA neurons susceptibility?

- environmental toxins lead to specific degeneration of SNpc neurons

- transcriptional profile may confer inherent invulnerability of SNpc DA neurons

- VTA neurons are more resilient than SNpc neurons


How can environmental toxins lead to specific degeneration of SNpc neurons?

MPTP-induced Parkinsonism discovered in heroin users]- MPTP inhibits complex 1

uptake of MPP+ is specific for SNpc neurons, concentrated in mitochondria

NB: not true PD as you are artificially killing DA neurons to produce a similar state


Neurodevelopment of DA neurons?

Neural stem progenitor cell -> mDA progenitor -> mDA immature neuron -> mDA mature neuron


Main features of DA neuronal transcriptional profile

- Defined as midbrain neurons

- Define by DA neurons

- [in adult]: survival/maintenance factors


Overview of genetic influence of transcriptional profile of DA neurons?

Regional identity: Otx2 (SHH, Wnt1, engrailed)

Specification: LMX1a (FGFB, SHH)

Survival: Engrailed, Nurr 1


Nurr 1 role (and experimental evidence)?

Regulates NT indentity of neuron

Nurr-1 deficiency -> DA neurons can't produce DA


FoxA2 role (and experimental evidence)?

Involved in late-stage DA neuron develeopment

Heterozygotes FoxA2 (+/-) mice -> unilateral DA neuron degeneration


Engrailed experimental evidence?

Engrailed 1/2

Engrailed KO -> total loss of DA neurons (dose-dependent)

Heterozygote -> cell lost by P90


Compare resilience of VTA and SNpc neurons (and experimental evidence)?

Otx2 upregulated in VTA > SNpc

Otx2 overexpression in SNpc -> neuroprotective

Overexpression of pro-survival genes (upreg in VTA but downreg in SNpc) -> neuroprotective


Overview of genes involved in PD?

- SNCA (codes for alpha-synuclein)]- first PD gene found

- Parkin]- most common genetic cause; autosomal recessive PD

- PINK-1

- DJ1


SNCA: wild type vs mutated (+experiment)?

WT: pre-synaptic vesicle trafficking?

mut: proteasome inhibition, complex-1 inhibition, autophagy inhibition, form LBs

SNCA KO mice -> resistnance to MPTP-induced DA activity


Parkin: wild type vs mutated (+experiment)?

WT: E3 ligase adds ubiquitin and aids degradation

mut: Parkin KO -> unable to remove/break down damaged proteins + organelles


PINK-1: wild type vs mutated (+experiment)?

WT: marks mitochondria (removed by Parkin)

Parkin overexpression -> rescues PINK1 KO


DJ1: wild type vs mutated (+experiment)?

WT: inhibits aggregation of alpha-syn (via its chaperone activity), antioxidant, modulate mitoch. membrane potential

DJ1 KO -> disrupted mit. membrane potential -> marked by PINK-1 to be removed by Parkin for degradation


Causes of Sporadic PD and Familial PD?

- genetic risk factors (Tau, LRRK2, alpha-syn)
- environmental factors (ageing, toxins e.g. MPTP)

- autosomal dominant ( LRRK-2, alpha-syn)
- autosomal recessive (Parkin, PINK-1, DJ-1)