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Physical criteria of Ballard score

  • Breast bud
  • Plantar surface
  • Lanugo/hair
  • Ear/eye
  • Skin


Memory aid:

  • Breast and genitals PLEaS


Neuromuscular criteria

  • Square window
  • Posture
  • Arm recoil
  • Scarf sign
  • Popliteal angle
  • Heel to ear


Skin appearance in extremely premature

Almost gelatinous and translucent


Mongolian spots

  • Description
  • Common in
  • Usual site
  • How to differentiate with child abuse bruises

  • Description
    • flat, blue-gray with well-defined margins
  • Common in
    • dark-skinned races
  • Usual site
    • sacral area, over buttocks and back
  • How to differentiate with child abuse bruises
    • bruises have different colors
    • bruises fade into surrounding skin


Erythema toxicum

  • Description
  • Histopath
  • Persists for
  • Usual site

  • Description
    • Eruption is characterized by small, erythematous papules, vesicles, and, occasionally, pustules
    • Usually surrounded by a distinctive diffuse, blotchy, erythematous halo
  • Histopath
    • Filled with eosinophils
  • Persists for
    • As long as 1 week
  • Usual site
    • Face, trunk and extremities



  • Description
  • Usual site

  • Description
    • Small inclusion cyst
  • Usual site
    • Face


Lesion, description and cause

Q image thumb

  • Cutis marmorata
    • Lacy pattern on the skin similar to cobblestone
    • Vasomotor response to cold stress


"Flea-bitten” appearance of skin

Erythema toxicum


Typically consists of closed comedones on the forehead, nose, and cheeks

Neonatal acne


____ are vesiculopustular rashes that occurs in 5 percent of black newborns, but in less than 1 percent of white newborns and in contrast with erythema toxicum neonatorum, the lesions of ____ lack surrounding erythema

Transient neonatal pustular melanosis


Transient neonatal pustular melanosis

  • Histopath
    • Polymorphic neutrophils
  • Unique finding
    • Pigmented macules within the vesicopustules are unique to this condition; these macules do not occur in any of the infectious rashes

A image thumb

Consists of erythema of the dependent side of the body with simultaneous blanching of the contralateral sid

Harlequin color change


  • ____ are birthmarks are caused by expansions (dilations) in the capillaries
  • When it occurs on the face, it is often called ____
  • When it occurs on the back of the neck, it is known as ____

  • Salmon patch
  • An angel kiss
  • A stork bite


Salmon patches are different from port-wine stains in that salmon patches ____

Do not grow larger or darker and are not associated with any syndromes involving the brain or development


Note: In the past, port-wine stains and salmon patches were considered to be variations of the same kind of birthmark, but now it is now known that port-wine stains are truly malformations of capillaries and will never improve on their own, while salmon patches are temporary dilatations (expansions) of capillaries that do typically improve on their own


Capillary hemangioma is a ____ — an abnormal, localized proliferation of vascular endothelial cells



Also known as strawberry hemangioma

Capillary hemangiona


T/F. Mottling is harmless

False; it is associated with general circulatory instability or serious illness


Post-mature infants tend to have ____ [less/more] pale skin than term or premature infants



Fate of strawberry hemangioma

Initially grows and then spontaneously regresses by a few years of age