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What is a biome?

Biomes are large - scale global ecosystems with distinctive vegetation.


What is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem includes all the living and non living things in an area


What determines what type of biome form?

The climate in area determines what type of biome forms.


Why are their different biomes?

Different parts of the world have different biomes because they have different climates.


Biotic component is?

The biotic components are the living parts of a biome eg plants and animals


What are abiotic components?

Abiotic components are the non living parts - eg soil, water, rocks


The different components interact with each other. Give an example.

Water availability affects the plants that can grow - eg if the soil is very dry, only dessert plants such as cacti will be able to survive. Plants take in water from soil and release it into the atmosphere. Providing moisture for further rainfall.


Biome distribution is affected by local factors. Name as many factors as you can.

Rock Type
Soil type


What is the biosphere?

The biosphere includes all parts of Earth that are occupied by living organisms - its the plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi as well as the soil ans water they live in.


Living organisms provide loads of goods that people need to survive. Give examples.

Food - many indigenous people get all of their food directly from plants and animals. Some grow food for their own use.
Medicine - lots of plants have medicinal properties and are used to cure illness and keep people healthy.
Building materials - trees and plants are often used as building materials.
Fuel - indigenous people rely on plants and animals for fuel for cooking and keeping warm


Humans are exploit the biosphere. Give reasons why.

Demand for energy - is increasing as the worlds population increases and people have more electrical devices.
Demand for water - is also increased because of increase in global population, people use water for washing etc
Minerals - such as gold and iron are used in building, scientific instruments, electrical appliances


How does Biosphere help to regulate the gases in the atmosphere?

Plants take in Carbon Dioxide and give out oxygen during photosynthesis.
Animals take in oxygen from the air and give out Carbon dioxide when they breathe.


Maintaining the balance of gases in the atmosphere is important because:

Most living things need oxygen to survive
Increased levels of Co2 lead to global warming
Increased levels of Co2 can also make oceans acidic, affecting the organisms that live there.
Some Co2 is needed to keep the Earth warm enough to support life


The biosphere helps to keep soil healthy:

Plant roots and animals spread nutrients through the soil - this helps to maintain soil structure and fertility, which allows plants to grow.
The roots of vegetation also hold the soil together - without this, the soil can be eroded by wind and rain


What is a water cycle?

The water cycle is the movement of water between the land, bodies of water and the atmosphere.


The biosphere helps to regulate the water cycle

Water is taken up by plants, so less reaches river. This helps to prevent flooding and soil erosion.
Plants also help to regulate the global water cycle by storing water and releasing it into the atmosphere slowly


What is population project?

Predictions of how many people there will be in the world in the future


Does increased demand for one resource mean increased demand for another?

Yes, more people means more food needs to be grown, which increases demand for water.


What factors are increasing the demand for resources?

Increasing wealth


Why is Increasing wealth a reason for an increase in demand for resources?

Wealthier people have more disposable income, which means they have more money to spend on food and they often buy more than they need


Why is urbanisation a reason for an increase in demand for resources?

Urbanisation tends to increase resource consumption because food and water have to be transported long distances to meet the increased demand in cities, and waste needs to be improved - this increases energy use.


Why is Industrialisation a reason for an increase in demand for resources?

Industrialisation is increasing the production of processed goods, e.g foods such as margarine. This increases the demand for ingredients such as palm oil.


What was Malthus's theory?

He thought that population was increasing faster than supply of resources, so eventually there would be too many people for the resources available. He believed when this happened, people would be killed by catastrophes such as famine, illness and war, and the population would return to a level that could be supporte by the resources available.


What was Boserup's theory?

Her theory was that however big the world's population grew, people would always produce sufficient resources to meet their needs. She thought that, if resource supplies became limited, people would come up with new ways to increase production.