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Describe and explain the trend in the first three elements of group 3

They increase because the ions increase in charge meaning that the electro static forces of attraction are much stronger and thus require more energy to overcome


Why is silicon got the highest boiling point of the non metals in group 3

Giant structure


After the metals in group 3 ( except silicon) how are the boiling points determined

Size of the molecule due to van deer walls
Argon is a single atom


Describe and explain the trend in atomic radius across group 3

Decreases because nuclear charge increases but no increase in shielding


Why does atomic radius increase down a group

Less energy on outer shell due to shielding


Explain first ionisation energy down the group

More filled inner layers
Shi doing increases
Electron further from nucleus


Why does first ionisation increase across a period

Number of protons increase but no new shells nuclear charge thus rises


Explain the drop in ionisation energy between group 2 and 3 of period 3

Al has an elctrons in 3p1 shell which is easier to remove from than 3s2 which is where the elctrons lie in magnesium


Explain the drop between group 5 and 6

Silicon has paired electrons which repel each other thus decreasing the ionisation energy


Where would you find a leap in successive ionoisation energy

Where it electrons are being removed from a different energy level