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Column 1

No structure; completely dependent on another for a sense of structure. Absolute incapacity


Column 2

Beginning to feel a sense of structure. A need for support, guidance, back up. Dependence and encouragement.


Column 3

Doubt about their structure; can I do it or not?


Column 4

No doubt about one’s own structure, no going back. I’m starting off, FIRST STEP


Column 5

My structure is mine, but should I expand now? Foundation, expanding, postponing, not prepared enough


Column 6

PROVE MYSELF, compelled to face challenges, daring, run a risk


Column 7

REFINE and POLISH, no need to prove, just improve, fine-tune, reinforce, enhance


Column 8

The structure is proved, but it has to RESIST HIGH PRESSURE, perseverance, strong-willed, toughness, resistance, endurance


Column 9

One step SHORT OF PERFECTION, finer detail, success is in sight, self-doubt, a sense of perfection


Column 10

The structure is absolutely complete and perfect, lots of ego, success, appreciation, highest, pinnacle, sensitive to failure and criticism


Column 11

Maintenance of highest position, highest degree of performance, maintain, hold on, control, defend, critical, responsibility


Column 12

Structure is in a crisis and starting to crack, struggle to be alert, vigilant, watchful, constant attack on the structure


Column 13

Structure is compromised and has reduced capacity. The loss is imminent, fear of redundancy, going down, talks of successful days in the past


Column 14

Physical weakness/emptiness, collapse, destroy, damage, ruin, wreckage, failure, setback


Column 15

Structure is being ERODED, FALLING APART, integrity cannot be preserved. No recovery, but how much can I save


Column 16

Dilapidated, structure completely lost utility, disrepair, ruin, loss of capacity, no energy, incapable, neglectful


Column 17

(Halogens) Structure is dissolving and crumbling, feeling trapped, confined and wanting to break free, betrayed, let down, starved, ALONE


Column 18

(Noble gases) CONTENT, structure is completely disintegrated and is no longer an issue, content with solitude, separation, identity, security, creativity


Issues of Row 3

Developing/asserting choice
Becoming conscious of self and other’s impressions of them
“I am separate, but who am I?”
Choice, image, ego, cared/uncared, nurtured, loved, embarrassment, fear of the unknowns/ghosts


Nat Mur

Nat salts have no sense of identity; find identity in others
Ail from death of a child, disappointed love, silent grief
Aversion to strangers during urination
Weeping if pitied
Vertigo < coffee, alcohol, looking out a window
Dreams of robbers



Confused about identity
“Do I want to be me, or do I want to be what you want me to be?”
Mind ailments from hurry
Mind cannot be hurried


Mag salt themes

Mag salts begin to feel own identity, but are afraid to express it because they do not want to be alone
Mind aversion to violence
Vertigo, tendency to fall forward
Teeth pain aggravated from anything cold
Dreams of unsuccessful efforts in finding the toilet
Desires raw food and drink


Mag carb

Mind ailments from discord between one’s parents. quarreling, and being neglected by one’s father
Teeth tender, cannot bear dental operation
Face has tearing pain, walking ameliorates
Green tongue
Diarrhea after milk
Sour, offensive flatus/body odor/eructations/vomit
Aversion to milk


Mag mur

Mind restless at night, closing eyes aggravates
Headache from eructations
Milk causes indigestion
Liver pain, lying on the right side aggravates, walking aggravates, liver pain extends to the back
White tongue with clean edges
Sensation absent when urinating
Upper limbs aggravated in bed


Mag phos

Hands cramping, writing aggravates
Hard pressure ameliorates head pain
Warm/hot applications ameliorates head pain
Vision sparks during a headache
Face pain aggravated by cold air
Mind restless before menses
Must bend double during stomach pain
Diarrhea during dentition
Trembling from alcoholism


Mag sulph

Mind, content with himself
Mind, delusions she is disgraced
Head pain from carrying weight on the shoulders
Confusion of the mind ameliorated by stool
Abdominal pain from liver colic and gallstones


Row 5 themes

Explore the new, be creative, perform and be appreciated
To analyze, improvise, research, invent, strategize, plan, and solve
Problem/solution, expertise, create/be appreciated, skill, attack/defense


Bungarus fasciatus

Mind, anger alternating with quick repentance
Mind, irritability/snappish during ovulation
Back pain/stiffness in trapezius muscles



Mind, delusion is despised with violent sexual desire
Mind, delusion devil is after her with violent sexual desire
Mind, delusion she is lost for salvation with violent sexual desire
Mind, suicidal disposition with violent sexual desire
Voluptuous itching of female genitalia
Faintness during coition



Polyps of nose, bladder, and uterus
Mind, excitement during fever/perspiration
Constant inclination to blow the nose/sensation of a large body in the nose
Blowing nose but without discharge
Hot fingertips