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What is the name of the vision impairment resulting from interference with the processing of images by the brain during the first 6 or 7 years of life?



What is the most common expression of amblyopia?

strabismus (brain gets two overlapping images and suppresses one of them)


What is the consequence if strabismus is not fixed early on?

permanent cortical blindness of the suppressed eye can develop


How do you verify that strabismus exists?

by showing that the reflection from a light comes from different areas of the cornea in each eye


If a child does not have strabismus at first but develops later in infancy, what is most likely the problem and solution?

exaggerated convergence caused by refraction difficulties (fix with corrective glasses)


White pupil in a baby means what?



What should you think about if a patient presetns with severe eye pain or frontal HA starting in the evening after the patient has had dilated pupils for several hours (ex. at the movies)?

acute angle closure glaucoma


What is a patient's sight like with acute angle closure glaucoma?

halos around lights


What are the physical exam findings in acute angle closure glaucoma?

-mid-dilated and non-reactive pupil
-cornea cloudy with greenish hue
-eye feels "hard as a rock"


What do you give a patient with acute angle closure glaucoma while waiting for the ophthalmologist?

-Systemic carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
-Topical beta-blockers
-Topical alpha2- agonists


What do you think of if a patient has a hot, tender, red and swollen eyelid and a dilated, fixed pupil with limited eye movement when the eye is pried open?

orbital cellulitis


What is orbital cellulitis?

pus in the orbit


What is the treatment for orbital cellulitis?

emergency CT and drainage


How long should you flush out an eye with a chemical burn?

30 minutes before going to ER


What must you do before you send a patient with a chemical burn of the eye home from the ER?

check their eye pH


.What should you worry about in a patinet who sees flashes of light and "floaters" in their eye?

retinal detachment


How long does it take for embolic occlusion of the retinal artery to cause permanent vision loss?

30 minutes


What should you do for someone who has embolic occlusion of the retinal artery?

have the patient breathe into a paper bag and have someone repeatedly press hard on the eye and release in transit to the ER